The San Diego Chargers Will Make The Playoffs

By Ernie Padaon

Nov 3, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) and wide receiver Eddie Royal (11) celebrate after Allen

I have been saying this from the start of the season and I still am not going to back off of this statement. As terrible as this defense can play. As stupid as that goal line stand was. As plain ignorant of the decisions on some player’s playing time, I still believe that this team can make the playoffs.

Just look at the playoff picture right now. The Jets are in the lead for the number 6 seed because they have one more win than us. We have the same amount of losses. The other teams that are in the race are the Miami Dolphins, the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns. We have a matchup against the Miami Dolphins later in the year and they have their own stories that they have been dealing with of late (see Richie Incognito).

We have to take care of business. It really comes down to us. We have 8 games left in the season and we have 5 more games in our division. I don’t expect us to sweep those 5, but I can see us taking 4 of those. I have been saying that we can sweep the Chiefs for a while. We have to go out there and do it. Our bipolar team has the ability to knock off the Broncos on Sunday. That is just the way we roll.

Our schedule doesn’t get easier at all. But 6-2 in those final 8 is just as possible as 2-6.

Here is that final run down of those 6 games for the season in my book.

W BroncosW DolphinsW ChiefsL BengalsW GiantsL BroncosW RaidersW Chiefs

Still believing, even after we did some stupid stuff on the 1-yard line. Our biggest downfall is our terrible defense. The best offenses that are left on the schedule are the Broncos and the Bengals. We have to steal one of those to get 6 wins but hte other team’s don’t have a killer offense. The Chiefs lead the league in punts! The Raiders would be the next biggest threat, but we lost the game against them by shooting ourselves in the foot over and over again on offense with turnovers. The Dolphins give up the most sacks in the league and they may be without their starting guard for bullying and their starting right tackle for getting bullied.

Still believing in this team to make the playoffs. As some of you all have said that you didn’t think that the team was a playoff team all along, I will stick with my thought form the start of the year.