Behind Enemy Lines: Chargers vs Redskins


Oct 20, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) rolls out against the Chicago Bears during the first half at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers vs Redskins

This week the Chargers head to Washington to take on the Redskins. The Redskins are coming off a crushing defeat against the Denver Broncos in which RGIII got knocked out of the game after getting crushed by Broncos DT Terrance Knighton. Check it out.

RGIII was hit over 20 times in that game and it really knocked the Redskins’ offense off their game. The Chargers should look to do the same if they want to contain Griffin this week since we all know mobile quarterbacks are the crux of the Chargers this year. This week, with some suggestions earlier in the week, I asked Maurice Barksdale, editor of the Redskins blog Riggo’s Rag, some questions about the Redskins for Sundays game:

1. How do you think RGIII’s knee injury last week will affect him? Do you think he came back prematurely?

RGIII’s knee injury last week may affect him mentally more than physically.  As confident as he comes off, the fact that he’s had two torn ACL’s in the last five years has to do something to you mentally as to how you approach the game.  However, I don’t think he cam back prematurely.  He was going to have to shake off that rust at some point, and I think he’s closer to playing at a high level now than he would have been if he’d waited.

2. Is RGIII suffering from a lack of legitimate receiving options?

3. Who are some unknown guys that are potential game changers for the Redskins?

4. What is your opinion on the recent Brandon Meriweather controversy? Should Chargers receivers be concerned about getting hurt?

5. Which Chargers player on offense and defense are the Redskins most concerned about?

6. Which Redskins player has been the biggest surprise? Who is the biggest disappointment?

7. Have the Redskins felt the effect of AJ Smith yet?

I don’t think AJ Smith has had too much of an effect on the Redskins.  He and Redskins GM Bruce Allen are friends, so I think Smith was brought in to act as more of a

sounding board by Allen than a truly strategic front office move.

8. What is your prediction for the outcome of the game?

I think the Redskins will win the game.  The Chargers offense is good, but I think the Redskins experience with the Denver Broncos offense last week has prepared them to face the Chargers.  The Redskins had success initially against the Broncos, before they fell apart.  So I think the lessons learned from that game will help them this week.  And while the Chargers are solid defensively, they don’t have the pass rushers to affect RGIII the way the Broncos did in the passing game.  So I think the Redskins win.

28-24 Redskins.

 I actually agree with this core. I think this could be a rough game for the Chargers if they are rusty coming off the bye (3 weeks if you count the Jaguars). Hopefully the Chargers are ready for RGIII.

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