Breaking Down Chargers Goal Line Plays At End of the Half


Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackles Roy Miller (97) and Sen

It seems that I having a little bit of fun with the NFL Rewind. Nice time to break it out during the BYE week to look over some plays. This time let’s look at the end of the half when we failed to get the ball into the end zone for a score and finished that drive with no points on the board. Let’s look at the last couple of plays on that drive.

The first play, Danny Woodhead was lined up in the backfield but then shifts out to the slot. The play is designed to go quick to the left side and the guys on the right side really doesn’t even matter on the play. Danny Woodhead is going to run a quick out and Keenan Allen is going to run the slant. As they are crossing, the defenders need to avoid all the traffic and stay with their man.

The play begins and the defenders are in man and either Allen or Woodhead should break free with the defenders getting caught up in the traffic. Philip looks to the left at the snap and the safety starts creeping over in that direction.

The ball is out and Allen looks like he has a step on his man, but he is going right into the teeth of the defense. Look at Woodhead though on the goal line. He has a couple of steps on his defender. Should have gone to Woodhead with the throw.

The ball went to Allen and Allen got killed with the hit on the play. There was a penalty for the hit, but the ball popped out and could have been intercepted after the dangerous throw.

On to the final play of the half. The play where Philip Rivers decides to keep it and tries to run it in for the score. It is the same play, but run on the opposite side with Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal this time. Danny Woodhead is kept in the backfield as an extra blocker. The defense is playing in a zone this time around.

From the start of the play, I think Philip already decided that he was going to try to run the football.

At the start of the play, Philip looks over to the right and sees the zone. Eddie Royal is covered on the quick out by the zone. Keenan Allen is going to run right to the hole of the zone defense.

Philip still looks like he has time in the pocket, but Philip decides to pull it down and run the football. Every Jacksonville linebacker and safety has their eyes on him and are ready to stop him on the run.

If he waited just a little bit longer, take a look over at Keenan Allen in the back of the end zone. He is wide open behind the defense for those 7 points.

Philip is tackled for no game and Keenan Allen is doing jumping jacks at the goal post. The plays were there in the red zone. We just didn’t execute like we could have.