Prediction on the San Diego Chargers Schedule


December 9, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) rushes the ball against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The San Diego Chargers won 34-24. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s make some predictions on how we will do this season. Let’s look at the schedule and put some wins and losses on all of the games. It looks like the schedule is set for us to have a strong start. If we come out flat, we will be hurting later in the year. The competition just gets tough after the BYE week, so we need to get those wins early.

WIN: vs Houston TexansThis is a game we can steal. It won’t be easy, but all kinds of weirdness happens in the first game of the year for all teams. Teams are still meshing and the Texans have not had a chance to prepare for what we are throwing at them. Chargers fans are not even sure what we will be doing on offense. A game to steal at home.

WIN: at Philadelphia EaglesWith Chip Kelly trying to install his offense, this is a game of first time head coaches. The Eagles and the Chargers are not expected to do much this season and the Eagles will likely be the favorites since they are at home, but I still think we have a team that can take the Eagles out.

WIN: at Tennessee TitansI don’t think the Chargers have ever lost to the Titans. The last time the Chargers lost to this team, they were in Houston and named the Oilers. Keep that trend going.

LOSS: vs Dallas CowboysThe first loss of the season. The Cowboys have a lot of weapons on offense and we will have to deal with Demarcus Ware.

WIN: at Oakland RaidersI can’t see us losing to the Raiders this season. They just are really bad. Terrelle Pryor makes it more difficult for us, but still don’t think the Raiders have enough.

WIN: vs Indianapolis ColtsI know they went to the playoffs last season, but for some reason I don’t believe they will be the same team. I don’t think that they will be that good.

WIN: at Jacksonville JaguarsThe one team that might be worse than the Oakland Raiders… the Jacksonville Jaguars.


LOSS: at Washington RedskinsComing off of the BYE week, we will have to deal with Robert Griffin III. We never have been good at stopping quarterbacks that can move around like he does.

LOSS: vs Denver BroncosThe first matchup against the Broncos and if the Chargers follow the win pattern I set forth, we likely will be battling for the top record in the AFC West. Sadly, all the hype ends up with a loss. Sounds like something our Chargers would do.

WIN: at Miami DolphinsWho is there quarterback again? Mrs Tannehill? Their defense has a lot of potential, but there is nothing to be scared of on offense.

LOSS: at Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs are a better team and they are a tough team to beat at home.

LOSS: vs Cincinnati BengalsHard knocks? This is a tough team. Strong defense. AJ Green on offense. A really strong team that will be tough to beat.

LOSS: vs New York GiantsPhilip vs Eli. Eli pulls out with the victory.

LOSS: at Denver Broncos7-6 going into this game and this is a chance for us to sniff the AFC West. We falter again against Peyton.

WIN: vs Oakland RaidersIt’s still the Raiders.

WIN: vs Kansas City ChiefsWith the playoffs on the line, we pull out the victory against the Chiefs.

9 wins. It has been my prediction for a while. The schedule isn’t too rough and we can steal some wins on there. If we can get out of the gate nicely, we should be able to deal with that rough patch after the BYE week. Can 9 wins get us to the playoffs? It is a possibility with the AFC being wide open. Chances would be much better with 10 wins.