The Latter Game Saint


Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Brad Sorensen (4) looks for a receiver against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

There are five new Mormons in the NFL. Three of them are Star Lotulelei, Ziggy Ansah, and Joe Kruger.

The Chargers selected the other two in this year’s draft. Manti Te’o, and Brad Sorensen,

On a personal note, I grew up with a lot of Mormon friends in Santee, CA. They are wonderful people. In fact, I was changing a tire the other week, and 3 Mormon missionaries came up, and did it for me… white sleeved, and all. I am a Christian, and my parents were agnostic. Fortunately for me, they always supported me in my walk with God. They didn’t believe, but they never stood in the way of me making up my own mind about how we all came to be floating around on this crazy ride we call….. Life.

With all of the steroid-taking, mug-shot-making, gun-waving, mama-slapping, cop-car-crashing, murder-slaying, parking-lot suicide behavior that is an unfortunate part of the NFL… These boys won’t even drink caffeine. They may be a little left of center from where my beliefs are at… but their ethic is unprecedented. That is a good thing for an athlete, trust me.

Coming into the season, I remember a lot of disgruntled fans practically losing their minds, as Tom Telesco picked a QB in the last round of the draft. Most fans felt there were much larger holes to fill, and perhaps they are right. Personally, I got a little irritated, as I was thinking nose-tackle at that point (and before). But, depending on how well Geathers plays, and if Sorensen continues this level of play… we may have been overreacting.

This 25 year old 230 lb. 6′ 5 QB has done nothing but DAZZLE since he has stepped onto the field. He started out on the heels of one of the most awful performances by Charlie Whitehurst that we have seen to date. He came into a game that was very lack-luster on the depth side of things, and led the team 80 yards to the team’s only touchdown. He showed poise, pocket awareness, mobility, good throwing technique, and most of all…. he looked comfortable doing it.

I am not saying that we should start patting Tom Telesco on the back just yet. But, I can’t help but wonder what this boy can do behind the first line, if (hopefully not) Rivers ever goes out.

Some fans are already calling for Whitehurst to be replaced… a few are even saying he can replace Rivers!!! (simmer down… Let’s just focus on the back-up spot for now… But that’s out there, most definitely)

It doesn’t inspire confidence when you have a nickname like “Clipboard Jesus”. Let’s just say that Donald Butler isn’t strolling around with a moniker like that. Charlie picked it up a little bit in the Chicago game (despite turning it over on the first friggin’ snap), but he was awful in the Seattle game. He hasn’t been consistent enough to beat Sorensen out… yet. Quite honestly, Whitehurst should beat Sorensen out on experience alone… and then contract.

I was never a fan of watching Volek leave. He was Philip’s rock, and things haven’t looked right since he left. You could argue that we haven’t missed Volek, by replacing him with Whitehurst. Philip never went down, and AJ dodged a bullet. We watched a decent back-up go to the 49ers last year, when Scott Tolzien was scooped off of our practice squad. Let me tell you that Sorensen is better than Tolzien, and Jarret Lee. Sorensen has already hit Ladarius Green for two TD’s… he even hit MEACHEM for 50+ yards! I am REALLY happy about that!

Sorensen might be a solid back up QB. Based on Telesco wanting to go younger, I think we may see the change this season. Whitehurst was an A J & Norv guy. Unless Whitehurst shows his age, familiarity with the system, and his experience in the next two weeks… Philip may have a new weight-lifting partner. Even if he is just a fill-in.

So, speaking of nicknames… I am calling him “The Latter Game Saint”. Because, he keeps coming into the game in the final minutes, and showing us that there is hope, and that he won’t go down without a fight! Who could ask for more, in this new Charger era?

Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!