Chargers Training Camp – Best Day Ever!


Best day ever!

I have been converted…. but wait, what happened first?  Let me just start by saying I have not been to a Chargers training camp since they used the fields at UCSD.  I always plan on going, but then I think it is going to be crowded and hot.  So, when the invitation came from the Chargers sales office for a season ticket holder only day I thought I would go ahead and RSVP.  A month or two went by, I didn’t think about it.  Then a week before the date I had so casually RSVPed to, I told my hubby.  Oh, by the way, next week we have a special Chargers training camp, take the day off.  Well, he took the day off and it was the best day off ever!

We showed up at the Q, were quickly shuttled to Chargers Park, found a spot on the fence and stood there for three hours straight.  Watching the Chargers practice.  Not just any practice, but the best practice ever.  You name it, we saw it, right in front of our eyes, punts, passes, defense and special teams.

From the moment we acquired our spot on the fence and the offense came within audible distance I was converted.  I heard Philip Rivers call the changes to his offense after he read the defense.  I saw Manti Te’o read the offense and chase down the ball.  I saw punts that were in the air for so long I got distracted.  Best of all, I heard a coach telling his offense what they were doing wrong and the consequences if corrections were not made.

Inspirational does not even begin to describe it.  The collaboration, team work and competitive atmosphere were enough to make small children sit still.  Strangers were your buddy and no one was wearing anything but Charger gear.

To top all of this off, it was a mild 70-ish degrees with a nice cool breeze blowing off the ocean.  Little fluffy clouds were in the sky and I was with my sweetie while watching my Bolts practice.  Then, as we were about to depart, saddened by the fact that Antonio Gates was taking a rest day and Eric Weddle was not coming out to sign.  Who is headed my way?  None other than Manti!  He heads off the practice field and straight for me.  My husband claims I yelled “me first”, but I think it was pure love of football that brought him in front of me, signing my favorite pink Chargers hat.  I told him we were happy to have him here and he said he was happy to be here.

The Chargers public relations department could not have planned a better day.  I am officially converted into a training camp junkie.  If you have been there, you get it.  If you haven’t, I highly recommend it.   Best day ever.



ChargerGirl Cindi