The C-O-W: Chargers Week In Review


Chiefs Ranked Higher Than Chargers In Power Rankings

Joel • 6 days ago −
So a 2-14 season equals a higher power ranking then the bolts? Just because of “legendary” Reid and Alex Smith coming to town? I would look at Mike Mccoys record vs Andy Reid’s record over the last 2 years…
I would also take PR over AS at qb any day of the week… So not sure what the ranking is based on

arnie • 6 days ago −
To ride Joel’s coattails if i may..the Chargers had the 8th ranked defense. finished 7-9, that’s better than 2-14. The Chargers have a franchise QB that is leaps and bounds better, on his worst days, than alex smith. Hired a guy from indy, to be a the new GM here, that “helped” turnover a 4-12 team into 11-5 team. Hired a new HC that made Tebow an Orton look like franchise QB’s. and added a former HC that resurrected Warners career, and coached big ben to a Superbowl.
these are the facts. And we’re still below the chefs? what did i miss? oh yeah they sent a lot of guys to the pro-bowl, that could not translate all that talent to wins.

Another DUI In Denver

FitzWilly • 6 days ago −
Welcome to Denver
Home of the Swamp Donkeys ?

The Takeo Spikes Curse

Adam • 4 days ago −
Naw that curse is BS. He’s a hell of player which you also said. I would have loved to have had him back…and then manti te’o happened…and I haven’t looked back since. I wouldn’t even trade te’o for a 25 year old spikes. GO #50! GO BOLTS!

Norv Turner And His 2 Sons Make A Music Video

FitzWilly • 4 days ago −
you can’t un-see that shit
I have to go take a shower, I feel dirty all of a sudden
no wonder our team dropped like a stone when Wrinkles got here

Four AFC West Members Make All Overrated List

Peter Thompson • 3 days ago −
Everyone but McFadden seem to be questionable choices for “most overrated” on this list, IMO.

Philip Rivers: “I’m The Guy Who Threw The Ball And Therefore I’m Responsible”

CHIEFFANINAZ • 3 days ago −
Being a Kansas City fan have always thought he was a bit of a whiner, but after hearing this got to give him alot of credit for standing up and taking the blame for the the turnovers , living in Yuma we get all the Charger games and most of my friends are charger fans ( even my wife) good luck to you guys this year( but not that much)

Carolina Panthers Fans Cheating To Win Best Uniform Contest?

Allmighty_ACE • 2 days ago −
HAHAHA way to take my post the completely wrong way. I said we (the panthers subreddit) have not used a script. We had a guy suggest it, JUST LIKE THE GUY WHOSE POST I REPLIED TOO FOR YOU GUYS. We told him NO we didn’t want to cheat to win. We wanted to win this fair and square. We have been voting a ton to just show Dameshek how passionate we are. If it makes you feel better to accuse us of cheating that’s fine but don’t use my comment to do so. Thanks for your time and KEEP POUNDING!