C-O-W: Chargers Week In Review


Ron Jaworski Says He Was Disappointed Watching Film On Philip Rivers

Peter Phelps • 6 days ago −
This is pretty serious coming from a Super Bowl Champion/Hall Of Fame QB! Oh wait… Jaw’s is neither. Philip is less then 500 yds away from passing Jaworski’s career passing yards, with a few good seasons left in him. Then talking about Philip making bad decisions under pressure? Last time I checked Jaw’s you only had 15 more career touchdowns than interceptions. So I sincerely hope your comments are from experience.

ninebarrows • 6 days ago −
Phillips fire was put out by a coach who had no personality and lacked motivational skill.
I think Phillip is a smouldering volcano ready to burst his top and inundate the opponents, I also believe he is still a better quarterback than both Manning’s.

The Philip Rivers Vs Tony Romo Debate

Pels04 • 6 days ago −
Haha i spent some time yesterday arguing with some Cowboy fans over there. Mostly the “Rivers sucks” guys and the “I will take Romo over Rivers all day every day, Rivers is a punk” guys. I said a lot of what you said. I think they both can win championships. There career numbers are pretty close but i was curious about comeback wins and who had more. Romo has a couple more but i started thinking about why the teams were behind in the first place. I started think about Romo and his 4 or even 5 ints a game, so i did some research. Romo has 10 games with 3 ints, one game with 4 and 2 games with 5 ints. Rivers has one 3 int game (2011) and one 4 int game (2012). Thats it! Romo was handing games over and hes been inconsistent like that his whole career. Rivers has been a good and almost great qb before these last few years. I think Rivers will shake off these inconsistent couple of years and return to producing elite numbers again. Hes still my guy and i cant wait to see him hoist the Lombardi!!

Adam • 5 days ago −
Before I read this article, when I just read the title, my first thought was, “what debate?”

30 Days Till Chargers First Preseason Game

ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades • 5 days ago −
Yes man! Preseason is my Birthday present every year. August heat with scattered storm clouds.
Caution is advised lighting strikes with precision
New squad of young men eager to start their mission
No more wishing for their dreams to come true
Lightning from the head…down to their shoes
Gold and blue streaking across the turf
Position battles preseason at the Murph
Running down Hill full spead dripping sweat
Fresh secondary looking to intercept
Any ball coming thier way or just bat it away
Only the best playmakers start on game day

Another Raiders Player Gets Arrested. What Else Is New?

Peter Thompson • 4 days ago −
Here’s a Raiders fan…. blah blah blah (recite irrelevant superbowl stats from decades ago)… blah blah blah (enter gay bashing comment)… blah blah blah (enter “challenge you to a fight 500+ miles away” comment)… blah blah blah (enter a meaningless death threat)… blah blah blah (enter denial comment that they are not only in the basement of the division, but the entire league).. wash / rinse / repeat. Especially the repeat part.

If Mathews Continues To Be Mathews…

RussinSactown • 3 days ago −
I like Hill for the third spot more than Brown. Yeah Brown can help more in the passing game but his legs aren’t getting any younger. And if Matthews is being Matthews, a steady diet of Div II college backs is just what we need. Tell Fluker to plow the road and have at it.

Chargers Most Underrated/Overrated Players

tubbs45 • 2 days ago −
Gates is a beast of a TE. I will say his role in recent years has diminished with his heath issues, but come on most over-rated of all time????

Chargers Season Depends On Success Of Ryan Mathews

Joel • 2 days ago −
Reading this article raised my blood presser and anxiety levels… If you said the key to the chargers success rest on the linebackers core, or on Rivers and the offensive line, or the new draft picks and receivers or even Eric Weddle staying healthy, I wouldn’t be stressed by it… but saying the key to the chargers success rest on matthews success is like saying the key to tight rope walking is not falling off…
I had, and still do have all types of hope for matthews, and will love watching him become a beast if it happens, but I’m afraid to put the season on his shoulders [pun intended.] if this is the chargers game plan then I’ve overestimated the new chargers leadership. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results… they have to have a plan A which does not include matthews, in my opinion, matthews having a beastly year is plan B and a bonus.

Chad Johnson: “Chargers A Lock For Playoffs With Rivers And Gates Healthy”

Blue&gold_blood • 2 days ago −
Honesty , I rather have Ocho then Meachem lol and Owens over Meachem lol