D.J. Fluker Brings A Winning Mentality To The San Diego Chargers


Apr 27, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers first round draft pick D.J. Fluker is introduced the media during a press conference at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If you keep up with college football, you know what a powerhouse the University of Alabama has been over the last few years. They don’t just breed winning football teams, they breed winning football players. DJ Fluker is a winning football player and he is exactly what the San Diego Chargers have been missing.

To be a leader I am willing to die and put my body on the line for all my teammates.That mentality to win Match my intensity.

#Chargerwarrior— CHARGER WARRIOR76⚡ (@DjFluker76) June 26, 2013

Publicly touted as a “paper powerhouse” since 2006, the Chargers have failed to live up to expectations. A team with a franchise QB, superstar TE, and a host of other names on both sides of the ball has failed to make the playoffs since 2009.  Think about that for a moment. Although key players have been allowed to leave the team, there has still been more than enough talent to win, especially in a division that has been up for grabs. The team has been lethargic and downright unwatchable at times which is why drastic changes were made this offseason. We cannot simply change the Head Coach, his staff and the GM and expect to win, we still need key players. The Chargers may have landed three starters in the first three rounds this year, but one is standing out above the rest.

Yea yeah yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Mindset we will not be denied. Lock the gate for 60 min #ChargerWarrior

— CHARGER WARRIOR76⚡ (@DjFluker76) June 26, 2013

I was sitting in the end zone and about five rows up at last year’s game against the Ravens. We were 4th and 29 away from a big win, although at this point we knew the season was going to end without a playoff berth. I watched Ray Rice get past about nine of the eleven Chargers defensive players on the field and get the first down. I realized right then and there that this team didn’t just need a new coaching staff, they needed some new players.

The greatest fight in the world is when you have to fight yourself from being MEDIOCRE. I will not be denied#ChargerWarrior

— CHARGER WARRIOR76⚡ (@DjFluker76) July 10, 2013

Insert DJ Fluker. We haven’t played one snap of football yet. Training camp hasn’t even started and all I hear are things about how hard this guy is working and more importantly, he’s showing it. It’s easy to read a tweet or two and see that any NFL rookie is excited but this is different. Most NFL rookies don’t have three NCAA Championships. Most NFL rookies don’t understand the commitment and mentality it takes to become a champion, but this guy does. I’m writing this article with the hopes that DJ backs up his strong words since the moment he was drafted. Either way, this “warrior” mentality is exactly what we’ve been needing. No more slow starts or lazy finishes to a season. We need to fight from the first snap of the season to the last snap of the season. It appears DJ Fluker was the type of fighter this team needed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to have a little bit of “nasty” on an offensive line that’s been getting mauled for the last two year.