The C-O-W: Chargers Week in Review


Just sneaking this one in before the midnight hour. Great comments this week everybody. Someone please find out what happened to MC Boltman also. I haven’t heard from him in a minute and he stopped tweeting. Not sure if anyone has heard anything.

Reports Of Ryan Mathews Arrest Not True

OaklandSuperCharger • 6 days ago
I knew the reports weren’t true when they didn’t mention anything about him being injured.

Peter Thompson • 7 days ago −
27 NFL players have been arrested since the Superbowl.. glad RM24 wasn’t the 28th.. sheesh. Can we just stay out of the Gaslamp, folks? I know they are on vacation, but there are tons of other ways to party than the drunken mess that happens down there most weekends.

Adam • 7 days ago −
I was SO scared at first…I want him to succeed SO bad this year…I’m just glad it’s not true. But before it was confirmed false, my second thought was, boy that was sure unselfish of RM. He knows how hard it is for writers in the offseason, and he was just trying to give Ernie the hookup.

ChargerGirl Cindi • 7 days ago −
Thank goodness. We do not need this kind of drama.

Eric Weddle Listed As Top Defensive Back In AFC West By ESPN

Peter Thompson • 6 days ago
I always see Rivers and Weddle in the same sort of light. Obviously, Weddle hasn’t struggled like Rivers has recently. But, neither of them get the respect they deserve in the media. Mark my words, if they were to hit the open market, every team would be climbing over each other to get them in free agency. I hope they both light up the league this season!

Tubbs45 • 6 days ago −
Liuget / Thomas / Reyes

Man that sounds good… Sounds like QBs for dinner. If the pass does somehow make it out, Weddle will pick off the Ducks! Still got figure out SS…

619chargers4life • 6 days ago −
don’t forget Butler !!! we will being seeing him for yrs to come as well. I love how our D is taking shape. Beast Mode.

blackroseMD1 • 6 days ago −
The thing I like most about Weddle is that, while he is definitely underrated, he doesn’t get angry and mouth off about it in the media. He just quietly goes about being the best safety in the League.

I remember some people calling Weddle a reach when he was drafted. Seems like he’s definitely gone out and proven them wrong. Love having this guy on our defense.

Are We There Yet?

Stefanie Smith • 6 days ago −
McCoy is a good coach. Somebody made Tebow ready to play and he is NOT a 1/4 as good as Rivers is. Also–good sign, T’eo is not in the news. You ask, “Why is this good?” Because if T’eo was a media hound he would be looking for the camera right now. Do you see him doing that? No. That is a good sign he is staying focused and doing what he is told by the higher ups.

ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades • 6 days ago
Don’t know what kind of coach McCoy wil bel; a fire and brimstone character or a behind the scenes enforcer. The tempo is set and orientation is over. Philosophy and culture are definitely a positive change. Accountability will be key in a work hard or get to packing attitude. Telescope & Doctor McCoy(StarTrek) know that this game is fought in the trenches and fatigue makes fools of us all. I CAN’T WAIT EITHER! I am exited for this new regime and the changes they have made. 11-5 is my call on this season with a potential for better. Anything worse than last year would not be a hyphie.

Ryan Mathews Needs To Make A Commitment To Studying

hendroxy • 6 days ago −
First comment ever on a sports blog. There is nothing wrong with Ryan Mathews except injuries. It’s Not commitment. It’s not even fumbling (compare his first years’ fumbling starts to Adrian Peterson’s). He didn’t get arrested. Just because someone wrote it doesn’t mean we get to say, “Well, he almost got arrested.” Let the kid play. I’m not saying he’s going to have a huge or break out year. But he’s never had the combination of a good (read: improved) O-line paired with a coaching staff that believes in him. I’m at least willing to bet (barring another collarbone) he at least has a chance to repeat his sophomore season. Just let him play the game. Sure he needs to study. It’s a new offensive scheme. They all need to study.

Paul Hamlyn • 6 days ago −
Its time to develop a back up plan for Mathews (who I love)…just because. The best plan would be to sign a guy who doesn’t want to be someone’s backup. Its time to stop fooling around and sign Willis McGahee…issue solved.

ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades • 6 days ago −
His poverty motivated him in the past. Would be a sad situation if poverty was the thing to motivate him again. Time is elusive. If you waste your opportunities and don’t have more to come than that is no ones fault but your own. Work hard, study hard, and always strive for improvement. All the while enjoy the moment and don’t sweat the what ifs. Mathews is an incredible athlete but hasn’t shown incredible drive. Not as easy to do as it is easy to say.

arnie • 6 days ago
I swear Ernie you suck me right into repeating myself. So the short version…
Ryan had norv as his HC, an virtually no competition to be the starter. (aj made sure there wasn’t any for “his” pick) the O-Line… well you know, moving on. Add to that, he came in under the shadow of a messy parting with LT. From day one, he was in the dog house.
The bottom line for me, he’s got the talent, he just hasn’t been put in the position to work for it.

Manti Te’o Set To Make An Impact His Rookie Year

arnie • 5 days ago
Well Ernie, Te’o is finally getting the attention we all want reporters to focus on, his football skills. TT drafted Te’o based on “all” his games and not just one. And to be frank, the Norte dame was in the BCS title game, because of him. You really don’t have to look further than the draft for proof. How many ND players were drafted, compared to the crimson tide?

Shaun Phillips – “They Are Trying To Rebuild Out There”

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Oh no you didn’t use the ‘R’ word!!!! SP, shut your cake-hole… woodhead sick knees…. Fluker need to give him an ear-hole slap!!!!

RussinSactown • 5 days ago −
Yeah yeah Shaun. Coulda shoulda woulda. Blahdy blahdy blah. Attention offensive line, not that there’s a bounty or anything (Because that’s illegal) but if you kick that man’s ass, think of how much good will you’d generate. A whole region would stand up and applaud you

Paul Hamlyn • 4 days ago −
Shaun…we loved you as a Charger. Not so much as a Bronco. We look forward to seeing you again

[Poll] What Is Your Stance On Hat-Gate?

What is your stance on Hat Gate?
Keep those other hats in the closet or burn them (81%, 139 Votes)
Wear whatever hat you freaking want. It’s just a hat. (19%, 33 Votes)
Total Voters: 172

Paul Hamlyn • 2 days ago −
Only acceptable hat logos with Raiders on it.