My Top Five Charger Moments


It’s Friday, and I wanted to share an article about the good (not-so-old) days of the San Diego Chargers. Below is a list of some “feel good” Charger moments of recent years. I didn’t want to get all “boring old dude”, and post exciting moments of yester-year, by mentioning the triumphs of the Air-Coryell days. A lot of the folks on this site are way too young for that, and may (or may not) have a connection to that. I DO think it’s important to know your team’s history, but maybe I’ll put that in another article someday. I didn’t put them in any particular order, as they all have an equal place in my Charger heart… here we go!

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers / Week 16 – December, 2008: This was the best revenge game EVER! The Bolts entered the game in a “must win” scenario to clinch the division Mainly because of our loss to the Broncos, due to Ed Hochuli’s awful “whistle heard around the world” botched call earlier that season. The Rivers & Cutler rivalry was at a feverish level that night. Philip let everyone watching know who was the boss, by imposing a 52-21 “good ole’ fashioned rear-end whoopin” on the smarmy Denver QB. There was no doubt who was the best QB between them that day. Still isn’t any doubt, 5 years later. It was buh-bye to the Broncos, who bitterly sat watching the playoffs from their couches that year.

Indianapolis Colts @ Chargers / Wild-Card Playoff Round – January, 2009: This is more of a personal favorite moment, as I was at the game. It was SO AWESOME when Darren Sproles rattled off a 22 yard sprint into the end-zone 6:20 seconds into overtime, knocking NFL MVP Peyton Manning out of the playoffs for the SECOND straight year! We didn’t take it to the big show, obviously….but, The “Q” went insane that evening! We were all jumping up & down and hugging… such a special Charger moment. Here’s to doing that to Peyton Manning again this season!

Chargers Set Franchise Single Season Record @ 14-2 / 2006: This is one of my favorite moments, because we had a BAD ASS group of players that year, and it was the most exciting regular season performance in Charger history! We were steamrolling teams, and LT set an all-time NFL TD rushing record with 31 TD’s!!! I was so hyped & proud of our Chargers that year. Unfortunately, it was a bitter-sweet year, as well. We came SO close to tasting the Super Bowl!!! Who can forget the infamous Marlon McCree “just go down, fool!!!!” fumble? But, alas… the Patriots came up with the win. (that is why I hate them most, among tons of other reasons). We also traded in Marty for Norv after that season… all because of AJ’s mega-ego! We also lost Cam Cameron, and Wade Philips to other coaching ventures the following year. However, I try to remember the good memories… and there were a lot of them. It was a thing of beauty, and I loved (almost) every minute of it!

Ladanian Tomlinson Crowned NFL MVP / 2006: LT is, quite possibly, the best Charger of all time! His ability to destroy teams in the run game was overshadowed only by his classy personality! He was a true game-changer, and made wearing a lightning bolt something to be proud of. In 2006, Ladanian Tomlinson led the Blue & Gold to a dominating 14-2 record, and earned the most prestigious NFL award… the league MVP. As a Charger fan, I was jumping up and down for joy! As a football fan, it was very touching to see the young man reap the rewards of working hard. He persevered the hardships of the football world, and overcame adversity to be crowned the best player in the NFL. I will never forget that, LT! You did us proud, son… you will always have my respect, and the respect of anyone who rocks a bolt.

The San Diego Chargers Fire Norv Turner & AJ Smith Simultaneously / 2013: At the end of, yet another, playoff free season, the two most hated men in San Diego were FINALLY given their pink slips. This was long overdue, and should have been done at least one year earlier. However, there is something to be said for timing, and circumstance. If Dean had pulled the trigger the year before, we could have Jeff Fisher as our coach, or much worse. Not that Jeff is a bad coach, but I like the hiring of Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy, and Ken Whisenhunt much more. It will take time for Charger fans to say “That was a BRILLIANT move”. But, so far… it looks pretty darn good. All I know, is that every molecule in my body did a HECK YEAH when I heard the “Norv has been fired” announcement. Then, a tiny blue & gold tear of joy rolled down my cheek when AJ was also dismissed. There aren’t many people out there who would disagree that this was a historic move for the Chargers. If only Norv had never been retained in the first place.. the possibilities.

So, there you have it. These are some of my favorite Charger memories. Please, share your favorite Charger moments in the comments section below. I can’t wait to see the new regime create some more “favorite moments” in the upcoming years. Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

Peter Thompson