Dan Marino: Chargers Will Struggle Early


Yesterday, some of the veteran quarterbacks in the league were aboard the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier, in downtown San Diego, to host the Madden 25 Skills Challenge, in support of our troops. Donavan McNabb, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman were among the QB’s that were on board. Jerry Rice, and Terrell Davis were also in attendance.

Jordan Beane from Chargers.com interviewed NFL Hall of Famer, Dan Marino. When Marino was asked about what he thought about the hiring of Mike McCoy, and Tom Telesco, here is what he had to say:

I think that the fact that it’s a new coach, that they probably will.. you know.. struggle a little bit early. And that’s naturally what happens, and that’s the history of when you get a new coach in the first year. But, if all the guys buy into the program, and they believe it, that they could.. uhhh.. and they got Philip Rivers, so they got that part covered as far as a veteran quarterback,… so you just go from there.

I can’t really hate on that assertation of the Chargers. Maybe a little bit of struggles early, due to a new coaching staff. If the guys buy in and believe (which seems to be the case), that they have Philip Rivers to guide them to success.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarrterback, Troy Aikman, also interviewed forJordan Beane. Here’s what he had to say about what Tom Telesco & Mike McCoy have done:

I’m a Chargers fan, you know? Everyone knows what I thought of Norv Turner, and (of course) Philip Rivers. And when you don’t have success.. and they certainly had some success… you know, there are going to be some changes that are made. And it’s always a time… this time of year… to get excited about those changes, and get a fresh start. And I’m looking forward to watching this team play.

Donovan McNabb, on the other hand was cracking me up. When he was asked “Were you a gamer, at all”?, here is what he had to say:

I was a game changer. And when I stepped out on the field, it was about business. Right now, it is about business. And when it’s over, it’s about more business. But, you know it’s about having fun.

He was just talking about “Team McNabb” winning the Madden 25 contest, and was never asked about the Chargers. But, the Chargers should take that statement seriously… be about business, but don’t leave anything on the field. And when you get off the field, be about more business.. but, have fun. Words to live by.

I’m not buying Troy’s comments. I only “kind of” gave Marino a pass on his comments, because he actually tried to analyze the situation of having a new coach, and buying into the scheme. Notice how Troy just went the emotional “Norv was my friend, and that’s why I like the Chargers” route?  He threw PR17 in there to even it out, but never really addressed the question, which was “What do you think about what TT & McCoy have done”?. Then he went into the generic “It’s an exciting time of year for changes” schtick. Something tells me that Troy just likes Madden, and likes hanging out on aircraft carriers.. he stopped being a Charger fan when Norv left. The Browns are his new Chargers.