2013 Chargers Outlook: Highest and Lowest Priced Home Games


The San Diego Chargers have endured a complete makeover in their front office and coaching staff, prompting us to take a closer look at the ticket values for 2013.

The Chargers may not have been living up to expectations the past few years, but they still roster a good amount of talent. With offensive guru Mike McCoy taking over as head coach, there is a good amount of optimism that San Diego can get back on track.

McCoy has worked wonders with Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning the past two seasons in Denver, so there is a ton of hope that quarterback Philip Rivers could see one of his better seasons in 2013. With that said, it’s still going to be imperative that running back Ryan Mathews not break like fine china, and that San Diego’s defense comes to play all year long.

With that, let’s dive into San Diego’s top-priced home games, as well as some of their home game value buys:

 Top 3 Most Expensive Home Games

  •  (9/29) vs. Dallas Cowboys | Avg: $338 | Get-in: $132

This game is way above San Diego’s home average (+$132, to be exact), but Chargers fans are undoubtedly going to get a show with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware marching into town. The Chargers figuren to matchup pretty well with Dallas, too, so there is a chance Philip Rivers can lead the Chargers to a win here.

  •  (11/10) vs. Denver Broncos | Avg: $254 | Get-in: $83

Peyton Manning and the Broncos coming to town isn’t a shocker on this list. Denver will clearly be the favorite, while Philip Rivers will try to rebound from an epic second half implosion from 2012. This rivalry is always heated and should yield points and big plays. It’ll be even more worth the price if San Diego can live up to their talent and squeeze a win out.

  •  (12/8) vs. New York Giants | Avg: $220 | Get-in: $80

Peyton’s little brother Eli is a big draw, too, but at a nicer price. The Giants come to town and bring a competitive game to the stage, and for just $13 more than San Diego’s home game average, you can get Chargers vs. New York Giants tickets.

 Top 3 Home Game Value Buys

  •  (12/29) vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Avg: $152 | Get-in: $37

Division rivalries are always value buys when they’re on the cheap, and this one comes against an improved Chiefs roster. KC should be far better than they were a year ago, giving Chargers one heck of a December showdown. Potential playoff implications for San Diego could make this one even more interesting.

  •  (12/1) vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Avg: $158 | Get-in: $38

The Bengals are an opponent the Chargers should be able to handle at home, while they’re also a playoff caliber team that should give fans an excellent game. This one is a bit under-priced and yields an excellent get-in price of just $38. That’s not a tall order to get to see A.J. Green take on the Chargers.

  •  (9/9) vs. Houston Texans | Avg: $172 | Get-in: $50

A fairly surprising value buy, you’d expect an elite team like the Texans to be one of the top three sellers. Regardless, Chargers fans are getting mega value in a top-of-the-line matchup. There’s even more value when you consider this is the Monday night game that opens the season in San Diego. Considering that, you have to love the $50 get-in price and a $30 discount off of the home ticket average.