The C-O-W: Chargers week in review


Getting this out late today, but still got it out before the midnight hour.

An Opinion on Tom Telesco’s Draft

Joey Cakes • 6 days ago −
youre truly an idiot, you dont draft based on need, you draft based on value, that way you get the absolute most talent possible every year. if you need a left tackle and theres one available in round 3 that doesnt mean you should draft him, he could easily be a bust, always take the sure-fire talent you mental midget.

davacho • 6 days ago −
good points on some. ridiculousness (rob!) on most others.

#1 i thought the exact same thing, but have since abandoned the should-have’s for the what-if’s and will-be’s.

#2 name ONE college player who “truly performed well in ALL games.”

#3 why didn’t the other teams around that pick select him then? i suppose all teams have “no talent.” curious as to what qualifies a steal. by their same assessment, grabbing star lotulelei in #1 would have taken zero talent as well since he would have “fell into his lap.”

#4 no comment

#5-7 i agree. however, i choose to allow paid experts with an incredible amount of resources and knowledge to make million dollar decisions.

Ioane • 6 days ago −
It’s a good thing he’s not our GM. It’s always easy for us fans to sit back and play GM from our lazy boy, but there is a reason why those guys are doing what they are doing. TT did a great job on his first draft.

Sergio Quintero • 6 days ago −
First off, we all wanted a Left Tackle from this draft, but the Raiders wouldn’t have traded with the chargers, and to get Lane Johnson it would have cost pick the first & second picks and probably an extra pick to make it happen. That is a price with a roster with too many holes that can’t be paid. And no LT from the rest of the draft is an upgrade over Max Starks.

The guy isn’t a fan of Teo, me personally I had him between player 25-35, so at 38 I thought he was value.

I’ll give the guy points on the NT situation, I don’t like the backup situation behind Thomas, but they filled their guard spots (if Clary works out), and Starks will buy them a year until the 2014 draft. Plus there are multitude of veterans available at NT to backup, Sione Pouha & Casey Hampton just to name a few examples.

I consider myself even keeled fan, I didn’t love the first pick but the need on the OLine required a certain need over value mentality, but in general I’m okay with the draft a B-, or a 7.5 on a 10 scale. Whoever wrote the email is passionate but not very reasonable.
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San Diego Chargers 53-man roster prediction 1.0

619chargers4life • 6 days ago −
would hate to see Addae go.

Michael Irvin: “Philip Rivers should ask if he can play football this year”

blackroseMD1 • 5 days ago −
Irvin needs to give back money for every drop that resulted because he was off his ass on coke.

I like how he gives Rivers crap, yet slobbers all over Romo. It totally makes sense though. He’s obviously still high.

RussinSactown • 5 days ago −
Mike, your man Norv Turner got his own ass fired. He didn’t need Phil’s help. Norv is an offensive coordinator. Not a head coach. He needs to remember to stay in his lane.

arnie • 5 days ago −
Context, oh i’m back on this again. Irvin had Jimmy Johnson as his HC, norv was an Offensive assistant, and later an OC for the cowboys. I wish i could sit here an believe it was PR that “got norv fired”. If you look at the numbers there is an argument there. However, looking at the things in “context”, who calls the plays? Just so where’re clear Michael, i’ll quote PR, “…we run the plays that are called…”. Yes Rivers made some un-wise throws, but if i’m going to throw him under the bus, it’s because he was trying to make plays, to help his team win. Only because, If i stand corrected, the rest of the offense seemed to be out-to-lunch.
lastly, if anybody knows about “asking to play football”, Mr. Irvin, you are the expert on that subject. Any normal human being with as many run-ins with the law, would be a 3 time convicted felon. i have yet see PR get so much as a parking ticket. as for his play, put Rivers on the bench and see how many games the Chargers win with norvs offensive “genius”. norv new it, we know it, and Mr. Irvin should to. Without PR, this team doesn’t even get to .500.


Bucking for Position: Charger Hopefuls

RussinSactown • 5 days ago −
I am more apt to give the roster spot to the younger players. I’d rather take a chance on Hill than Ronnie Brown. He’s not going to get much younger

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Nice write up PT!

There are a lot of question marks out there for the bubble players… I like the versatility of Kenny Okoro. Baker and Hill should be a close call two different type backs, but I sure like watching Hill run.

There is a battle at NT to back up Cam, both Geathers (monster of a man) and Jerideau have NT and DE experience. It will be interesting to see who carries it, im guessing Geathers.

San Diego Chargers Are The Biggest Threat To Denver Broncos

FitzWilly • 5 days ago −
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Saying Some Nice Things About The AFC West Rivals

Pels04 • 5 days ago −
The Broncos have a good home field advantage. Even though its because the visiting teams get half of the oxygen they are used to. And of course that’s the only reason we ever lose there ha

Should the Chargers take a chance on Jamarcus Russell?

tubbs45 • 2 days ago −
No. No and NO.…

aircoryell81 • 2 days ago −
So I really don’t understand the knee jerk negative reactions to this idea. The risk/reward factor is heavily skewed to the reward. He would sign for little to no money. He comes in being absolutely and completely humbled by past circumstances. If he has any shred of the ability to learn from his past, then he comes in saying I know I have to do completely the opposite of what I did in Oakland. I would say that some evidence to this is the work he’s put in with Garcia.
There’s so little downside here. If he’s a D-bag again, he won’t make the team and he’s cut, but say he actually comes in here and turns some heads, says and does the right things and makes the team. Say Phillip gets hurt week 6. J Russell comes in and and lights it up. How much fun would that be to rub in the face of your raider friends? We got their sloppy seconds for nothing. Sounds pretty good to me.
If in the same scenario above he comes in and and stinks up the joint, who cares? The season is essentially lost anyway with Rivers out, but the team did not lose much in the attempt at a possible cheap windfall. Clipboard Jesus can come in at that point for all I care.