An Opinion on Tom Telesco’s Draft


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a different opinion on Tom Telesco’s draft. This email was sent out to me and I definitely wanted to share it out with the crew. He makes some good points, but definitely an unpopular opinion.

Check it out:

The Chargers priorities going into the 2013 draft, in order, were:

1. Left Tackle
2. Nose Tackle
3. Offensive Guard
4. Mike Linebacker
5. Defensive Back

Tom Telesco did a horrific job at satisfying these needs. Let me outline…….

1. With all the upper level Left Tackles taken by the time the Chargers turn came up, Tom Telesco chose to draft a RIGHT Tackle instead of going to the #2 priority of Nose Tackle (at that point Star Lotulelei was still available and at a steal.) A Nose Tackle would have satisfied the #2 need for the Chargers, and moved the LT choice to the second round where many very good LEFT tackles were available. Instead, Telesco drafts a RIGHT Tackle who, by many NFL scouts, should be a Right GUARD! (FYI: the Chargers have now been practicing with Fluker in the RG position) So, Telesco drafts a RT as the #1 draft choice, who ISNT any of the two top priorities, and who really ISNT a Tackle by an out-of-position GUARD! Telesco doesn’t even address the need for a Left Tackle in the entire draft!

2. Round #2-Telesco doesn’t draft any of the Chargers top three priorities for the draft, but trades away a 4th round selection for an overrated ILB (Te’o) who got ran over 7 times by the NFL ready Alabama team! (Please don’t embarrass yourself by saying……”it was only one game.” What if that ‘one game’ is a Chargers playoff game, or higher? Truly great players perform well in ALL games.

3. Round #3 WR, Allen falls to the Chargers. It doesn’t take any talent to draft a player that fall into your lap. Allen will be a very good player, but still WR is NOT A POSITION PRIORITY! Still no LT, NT or OG.

So far, NONE of the Chargers draft needs/position priorities have been met.

4. Round 4 pick……..oops, that was traded away for the circus that is Manti Tebow. Still no LT, NT or OG.

5. Round 5 – S. Williams is an under-sized CB that can only play in Nickle Defenses, and by all NFL scouts not a 3 down DB. Still no LT, NT or OG.

6. Round 6 –T. Williams DE……position not a priority! Still no LT, NT or OG.

7. Round 7- QB Sorenson. Really……I mean REALLY? Still no LT, NT or OG.

Can ANYONE look at the results of this draft and say it was even a grade ‘C’ effort?

This horrendous draft required the Chargers to bring in numerous Right and Left Tackles to see if they could fill the hole, settling on Max Starks a good, but over-the-hill, scrap heap player, paying more for him then a rookie contract. Requirement to bring in FA DTs to fill the hole not satisfied from the draft. And so on, and so forth…..

Tom Terrific could have drafted a NT, then LT….and so forth, and have been better off than a poor draft and scrambling unwanted FA’s to fill holes.

This draft and post-scramble by Tom Telesco earns him a D- grade.