The C-O-W: Chargers Week In Review


Shout out to FitzWilly for this week’s pic for the COW! Shout out to CG13 for the idea on this post and for a ton of his comments getting in on this episode. Last shout out to all of you all for commenting like a boss.

Chargers 2013 Season Bold Predictions ~ Games 1 to 4

Cgoodness13 • 6 days ago
Well norv is gone so that alone = 8-8 record, better oline = 9-7, better DBs = 10-6, happy fans that AJ is gone and more support = 11-5, better WRs = Super Bowl……I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!

Who Is The Chargers Next Showstopper?

Cgoodness13 • 6 days ago
None of the above, Donald Butler!!!!

“Thank You San Diego Day” Is Awesome

Cgoodness13 • 6 days ago
Thank you Ron Wolf for pushing Spanos in the right direction!!!!!

Interview with Chargers Running Back Michael Hill

joerockt • 5 days ago
Hoping this dude is our Alfred Morris or Arian Foster.

Moose • 5 days ago
His college tape is great. His o line gave him huge holes but he also made plays in space. I like this guy.

Should The Chargers Go After FB Vonta Leach?

619chargers4life • 5 days ago

of course u can dream lol take a peek at what im over here dreaming about lol

The Media Got Their Shot At Manti Te’o Today

JoseSD • 5 days ago
And thank you Patriots for signing Tim Tebow, making T’eo less of a national story today

Paul Hamlyn • 5 days ago
He was outstanding in his interviews. I’m a Te’o Fan ! I hope he goes all Polynesian Tribal Warrior on everyone’s ass this year on his way to Defensive Rookie of the Year. I will be happy to be his girlfriend then.

Keenan Allen Looking Healthier. Fielding Punts For Chargers

Paul Hamlyn • 4 days ago
Keenan is fielding kicks – that equals a Royal flush.

Eric Weddle Looking Good in OTAs

davacho • 4 days ago
there has been press about weddle’s inability to lay the wood and such, but he is such a smart and instinctive player that can prevent big plays- frankly i don’t give a crap… he is a natural leader and a great character guy. that is all.

The Oakland Raiders Still Suck

Peter Thompson • 3 days ago
Look Coach Pagano!!!!! I intercepted two of Matt Flynn’s passes!!!

Lamont Brown • 3 days ago
Just for the record, It is all fun and games trashing each others team because i believe that is part of football. But as a Raider fan I do not condone or support any shit talking about families. Let’s not get personal. I may despise all other teams in the afcw and there fans, I do not think it is right to talk about children, wives or mothers. That is way out of line. If you want to put me down fine leave my family out of it.

Stefanie Smith • 3 days ago
I guess stating, “Can’t we all just get along?” would be inappropriate at this time?

In A Perfect World…

tubbs45 • 3 days ago
Manti Te’o will marry Kate Upton and become rookie of the year

Peter Thompson • 3 days ago
… We sweep the Denver Broncos (Chiefs & Raiders, too), and send all of our ex-players home with their tails between their legs!

Dr Chao Steps Down As Chargers Team Doctor

Cgoodness13 • 3 days ago
Yes!!!! Best day ever!!!!! Watched “this is the end” with my best friend an now this!!!!! Thank you god!!!!! Thank you Buddha!!!!! Thank you Opra!!!!! Thank you Tom Cruise and your scientific witch craft!!!!!!

Ryan Mathews and the L.T. Shadow

RussinSactown • 2 days ago
He won’t be LT. What he needs to be is the Ryan we all saw coming out of Fresno State and hopefully with a real line in front of him he can be.