Who Is The Chargers Next Showstopper?


May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback

Philip Rivers

(17) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It used to be Ladainian Tomlinson maxing out 31 touchdowns on a season. It used to be Darren Sproles returning 90 yard kicks. It used to be Shawne Merriman racking up 17 sacks then followed up by his patented sack dance. It once was Philip Rivers garnering 4,710 yards with his eyes closed. The question is who will be the showstopper of the season? There is a limitless amount of potential on the team that anyone can take the Chargers to the next level and make these games worth going to see. Who will it be?

Philip Rivers – After two disappointing seasons it’s now time for Rivers to come back to form and play like he used to. The line has been drastically improved, the trash has been taken out and some beaming talent has entered the building. Rivers doesn’t have to lean solely on Mr. Reliable, Malcom Floyd and an aging Antonio Gates, he has an entire stampede of receivers and running backs that can catch and make big plays. This should be a good year for Rivers.

Danario Alexander – A full season of DX! Alexander came in half way through the season and played better and harder than multiple wide receivers combined. This time we get DX from the very start and will likely turn this into a 1,000+ yard season for himself. Just imagine a healthy DX, playing the way he did for an entire season. I have to admit V-Jax was missed but he didn’t bring a level of excitement that DX did in 10 short games.

Vincent Brown – The comeback kid, Vincent Brown is without a doubt on everyone’s radar these days. He is the potential #2 wide receiver and could be just as good to be the #1. After a tough break in last year’s pre-season game, Brown is itching to get on the field and become the next big Charger! I believe in Brown, ever since his days as an Aztec at SDSU, he’s a hometown boy with plenty of fans hungry to see him compete.

Danny Woodhead – The next Darren Sproles? Pretty close and I wouldn’t gamble against the notion of Woodhead making a ton of Sproles-like plays. Woodhead can play and I bet the dysfunctional Jets are kicking themselves every single day for letting him slip away to the New England Patriots. Soon it’ll be the Patriots regretting they let him slip away to the Chargers. Nevertheless, the dangerous Woodhead is ours and with a lethal offensive scheme brought to you by McCoy and Whisenhunt, Woodhead will be primed for an awesome year.

Dwight Freeney – Mister Spin-Move himself is now a Charger and is licking his chops to get his hands on Peyton Manning and every other quarterback that lines up across from him. Many have said his production has dropped since converting into an outside linebacker, yet with a year of experience and a new system in which John Pagano will tailor the defense to Freeney’s strengths this can be a comeback year with an epic splash.

Eric Weddle – Who led the league with 7 interceptions in 2011? The best free safety in the NFL, Eric Weddle! Quartebacks will be making bad throws all day with Freeney, Liuget and Reyes attacking the pass, which will open up the field for Weddle to nab a couple loose balls in the air. Last season, Weddle didn’t have nearly enough support around him, things are going to be much more different, expect Weddle to make 6+ interceptions, 2 sacks and a million tackles on his way to the pro-bowl!

Is it really only June? When can we get to the regular season already?!