The C-O-W: Chargers Week in Review


NFL Quarterbacks (Salary Cap Buster Or Reliever)

Bill Nichols • 6 days ago −
Everyone knows that we don’t need a quarterback, we have the best currently (yeah, I said that). He needs a more robust supporting cast, and in that I mean a line, and a half assed running game. Come on, VJ , Gates, L.T. and even Sproles, didn’t do all of that on their own, Rivers dolled it out, and did a damn good job at it. I would say that if we can keep him upright, he has 5 maybe 6 years left in the tank. Just like in Telesco I trust, In Rivers, I also trust.

Which Veteran Charger Are You Most Looking Forward To

Paul Hamlyn • 6 days ago −
We need our former pro bowl players to play like pro bowl players. If we can have that and possibly add Butler / Freeney / Starks / Alexander / Liuget / Reyes / Ingram / Hardwick – or any combination to pro bowl consideration…Damn – we would be a very special team. So I’m looking forward to our players reaching their full potential this year and brining home the hardware – I pray for that every year.

Philip Rivers Likely Keeping The Gloves On

Gunnar Martin • 6 days ago −
This is the definition of offseason news.

Paul Hamlyn • 6 days ago −
Gloves, no gloves – we don’t need his finger prints to know who threw the ball. Just throw it to another Charger.

tubbs45 • 6 days ago −
I don’t care if he wears a friggin diaper as long as he doesn’t throw picks! Whatever it takes to win!

Pels04 • 6 days ago −
Still kinda weird to me to see him wear gloves. But hey, if he likes it, i like it.

Getting Rid Of The Norv Turner Stink

MC Boltman • 5 days ago −
Oh Yes, something is happening here in Bolt town. I personally won´t expect too much from next season…but we´re definitely going into the right direction #BOLTUP

FitzWilly • 5 days ago −
There is a reason she’s bagging groceries ?
Her “baby Daddy” is prolly a Raiders fan, and she doesn’t know any better
You on the other hand are a hot, accomplished Charger Fan
so you can see how she would be jealous
To get back to your question, YES YES YES we are already better off without Wrinkles and AJ
The hardest part will be getting rid of the Old Man Stink left by those two Geezers at Chargers Park
We Shall Prevail Sister Cindi ?

619chargers4life • 5 days ago −
i have the same feeling as u deep down inside. ive never been to a season opener but because i got this feeling that this year might be some kind of nice and special i was at the stadium the morning the tickets went on sale to get my opener tickets. cant wait to see the Chargers punch some people in the mouth this year. GO BOLTS!!

Over The Top: The DX / V-Brown Connection

Dion Chin • 5 days ago −
I’m gonna go over the top and say fuck it, we’re making the playoffs this year! BOLTUP.

Antonio Gates: The Most Overrated San Diego Chargers Player?

tubbs45 • 2 days ago −
Gates will be back to form with the new offense and OLine. quick throw over the middle to…

JoseSD • 2 days ago −
Whoever this Pete Prisco Guy is needs to watch the games against the Chiefs where Gates made “All-Pro” safety Eric Berry his bitch. Despite his feet issues he was making cuts and getting first downs consistently and torched him for 3 TDs. He didn’t play up to his standards but no one did with that Swiss cheese o line, but then again you have to be highly rated by the main stream media to be considered overrated and Gates and Philip are probably the only options he had to choose from

Will • 2 days ago −
Philip led the league in yds before the line went to shit. Gates is a top 5 TE and the second best TE of all time. And now u waste ur time making an article about them being OVERRATED?? And u call urself a fan….

DJ Fluker Gives A Self-Eval… Barely Passing Right Now

Rob Base • 2 days ago −
Accountability love it! Dude wants to play and be successful. With his attitude I give him a B- ?

619chargers4life • 2 days ago −
B in July , B+ in August , hopefully A in September. Wishful thinking indeed