The C-O-W: Chargers Week in Review


Welcome back to another episode of Comments of the Week (C-O-W). It is a post to recap the past week in Charger Town and to see the best comments of the community. Just pure goodness!

Let’s dive right in:

The Norv Turner Effect? 

Rob Base•5 days ago
The Norval Effect
The Cleveland passing game should increasingly decline in 2013 thanks to the addition of the team’s new offensive coordinator Norval Turner. Hopefully that’s not too posted and copied for your taste Paul have a great day buddy.

tubbs45•5 days ago−
The Norv effect… I think I get that after eating bad TJ tacos and a long Tequila bender…

Rookies: Who Are You Looking Forward To Most

Gunnar Martin•5 days ago−
Why take sides? I’m ecstatic to see all of them play football.

Heidijoy•5 days ago−
All of them!! Especially Te’o. Thanks for posting info on the others, so we can get to know them.

Ioane•5 days ago−
Steve Williams is the same size as Brandon Flowers and Flowers had been a solid CB for the Chiefs.

Should Chargers Keep Eddie Royal as the Punt/Kick Returner?

Peter Thompson•5 days ago−
Spurlock did great in preseason last year, and I didn’t want them to cut him. But, good ole’ “can’t see past the tip of my nose” AJ didn’t see things the same way. Then, we get him back, and he runs two kicks back to the house! I think he’s earned his Bolts, personally.

Royal? I THINK he could still be good, but we just can’t afford to wait another year to find out. I say cut him.

Preach It, LT!!!!!

Cgoodness13•5 days ago
LT needs to come back as a running back coach for Mathews :/

Paul Hamlyn•5 days ago
I think every Charger Fan had that freshly kicked in the nuts feeling after that game. Its refreshing to hear that the players (LT) haven’t forgotten that awful day…and feel the same way the fans do about it. Gives us a sense we are in it together. Nice blog Pete.

geigage•5 days ago−
I just wish that LT got to hoist the Lombardi trophy as a Bolt. God damn shame that a legend like that never got a ring!

DJ Fluker Struggling Out At Right Tackle

RussinSactown•4 days ago −
Is this a real concern or is this Kevin Acee stirring the pot? Where are the sources? Anyone put their name to it or are we dealing with Mr Anonymous again? No one else is dropping this info out. I think Kevin needed to turn in an article to justify a paycheck and wrote this up.

kris•4 days ago
Why woudnt we have Dunlap at RT and Starks at LT. Fluker at RG, Reinhardt at LG and cut Clary.

MC Boltman•4 days ago−
Seriously? I want to stay positive…but if thats the case, then I´m not too sure if we call him a great first round pick…we drafted a second tier guard at 11?…hmmm – on the other hand, do we have to believe everything Kevin Acee is reporting? Not too sure bout that either…there´s only one thing I know: I´m confused…

Denver Broncos Sign Former Chargers CB Quentin Jammer

tubbs45•4 days ago−

Marcus Gilchrist And The Lack Of Depth At Cornerback

Peter Thompson•3 days ago−
Saying Stevie Williams isn’t tall enough, is like saying Vincent Brown isn’t tall enough. I haven’t been as excited for our secondary in years! I know everyone is all wrapped up in the “Clary is doing great story”… But, do you seriously think they would cut Jammer over $940,000 dollars, if Gilchrist wasn’t better at safety? Mark my words.. He is a little undersized, but he will do fine… He might even beast Taylor out! More CB depth will be added… Players will be cut in less than 48 hours to free up cap space.. On all teams. Then we’ll say.. “Oh.. I didn’t realize we could get that player.. Got it”. It seems like every time people start to question Telesco’s moves… He knocks it out of the park. Lets just have an “I believe” moment here, folks.

Tyronne Green Lasts Less Than 3 Weeks With The Patriots

NWBolt•2 days ago −
I’m sure the Donkeys will sign him.

619chargers4life•2 days ago −
and the most hated man in America is……. drum roll please…..wait for it ……wait for it….. AJ SMITH…..We have a winner