Poll Position #3: Too soon?


Apr 26, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Chargers first round draft pick right tackle D.J. Fluker poses for a photo with executive vice president of football operations John Spanos (far left) general manager Tom Telesco (left) and head coach Mike McCoy (right) during a press conference at the Chargers Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sport From an organizational standpoint, how would you grade the Chargers in 2013?

When I look at the picture above.. except for Fluker… I think they kinda look like.. what do they look like Jimmy?

Before anyone gets all “WHY ARE THEY DORKS?!!!!” on me…  I am just poking a little fun. Mount Fluker looks MONSTEROUS in that picture! TT, McCoy, and Spanos look like the math squad next to him!

It Doesn’t matter whether you think these guys are dorks, or not. What DOES matter is how good of a job the organization is doing. How do you feel about things right now? We’ve had some setbacks, some nice signings, and we’ve had some vets walk out the door to divisional rivals. We have new coaches, new players, a new general manager, new trainers, new practice field, new roster (sort of), new uniforms, new new new new…. the only new thing we don’t have is a new stadium (DOH!). Hopefully, that will come later.

Some fans seem conflicted about what direction the team is going, and what the plan is to finish putting this team together. We’ve still got our key veterans in place, and some promising new talent. Yet, this is not a finished product. Most importantly, the Chargers are heading into the meat & potatoes of training camp. Additions will be acquired… cuts will be made. Tom Telesco is in the heart of the poker game, and it’s almost time to see the cards. Divisionally, he is sitting across from john “The Cowboy” Elway, Reggie “Straight Face” McKenzie, and Andy “The Walrus” Reed w/ KC’s GM John Dorsey calling the shots. Those are some tough hombres! It’s time to make some crucial signings! With our salary cap limitations, this is the most important phase of free agency, and we need to play our cards right. You have to throw your chips confidently, and wisely! So far, Tom Telesco has had a pretty darn good poker face. Let’s hope that continues. But, this isn’t just about Tom Telesco. It’s about Dean & John Spanos, and Mike McCoy, as well… the top of the organization, so to speak.

In poker terms, how would you grade the Charger’s hand, so far? I threw “Too Soon” in there, just for the people who still haven’t made up their mind, but I encourage you to not choose that, and rate what they have done so far.

Thanks for reading, and Keep Bolting Toward Excellence!

In poker terms, how would you grade the Charger's hand, so far?

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