Comments of the Week: Chargers Week in Review


Holy shnikes… I think I have taken a couple of days off without posting anything but a morning dump. Don’t remember the last time I did that! It’s good to have guys on the team that can fill-in and give these fingers a rest. This Memorial Day weekend is the best! Loving the beach, the BBQ and all things awesome.

Time to get to an awesome weekly post, sharing the comments of the week:

Dwight Freeney And The Chargers Defensive Scheme in 2013

FitzWilly • 7 days ago −
Dwight “The Cat Norris” Freeney
Bring it on Bitches ?

Peter Thompson • 7 days ago −
Setting the bar low, so hopefully there is no disappointment. I don’t care if he gets 14 sacks, or 7 sacks, as long as they come on crucial game changing downs. And we win because of it! Also hope he is constantly effecting the QB’s decisions, getting in their face, making tackles, drawing double teams, and getting QB hits. That’s just as important to me.

Oh yeah Bruddah, That’s what I was talkin’ about for the past few days. I admit, once Mel (ya think Melvin minds being called Mel?) went down I was thinking about copying Indy of 2 years ago, playing our younger guys, filling holes with UFA or young FA with potential, developing young guys, and essentially going after the top pick in 2014 draft.
However, when the possibility of signing Freeney came along, I felt in my gut that we could get him (after June 1) & he would help in a number of ways; (where’s that joker-faced guy – Paul, who tried to shoot down all of my ideas). I realized that in a youth movement you NEED solid veteran leadership at all levels of O & D; preferably top quality players who can also model and teach tricks of the trade only learned over the years. Got to thinking this could also free up Reyes and Liuget to utilize their skills of penetration which I feel were being wasted by just occupying blockers. A hybrid system. It would also improve our pass blocking by going up against Freeney every day in practice. Some of you agreed to idea of hybrid IF we got Freeney but felt we’d never get him. Others ( joker-face) narrow mindedly shot down idea for various reasons.
I thought we’d need to wait until June, but TT outdid me by loading incentives.
Gotta go

Quentin Jammer Wants To Be Back With Chargers

MC Boltman • 6 days ago −
Well, I made already a case for Jammer here on boltbeat, as SS though. Even as SS, he could be some kind of “CB insurance” if the starters go down. Some vet presence on such a young defense could be a nice thing too – although Freeney is in town. And he only missed 2 games since 2003!! On such an injury-prone roster (Cox and Wright both missed some games last year due to injuries), this could be gold.
But I´d rather watch him as SS than at CB…but if Gilchrist really makes the move to SS, then we need more quality depth there. Cap space is limited but Jammer definitely could come in cheap…we´ll see, maybe some solid DBs will become free agents within the next few weeks…but CB depth is needed.

Stefanie Smith • 6 days ago −
Pay him.. reasonable. He is part of the family. Let’s get rid of the AJ mentality of throwing our players that have been with us their entire career out the door. He should retire here.

He has also done tons of good work for this community. Like I said, he is part of the family and gave us all he had for his entire career. Using them up, then throwing them out just to cater to a bunch of strangers –not right.

Chargers Will Withhold Manti Te’o From Media Till June 11 Mini Camp

Rob Base • 6 days ago −
Good call this isn’t F***** Days of our lives it’s football! Let him play without the negative distractions. I’m so hyped in the choices that Telesco, McCoy and Bolts organization as a whole are making. Good things are coming my fellow Bolt Fam!

Stefanie Smith • 6 days ago −
I am glad the Chargers management decided to do this,…whoever made the decision. It is a huge hassle, a distraction, T’eo does not run this team, he is a rookie, he shouldn’t have separate press conferences like Tebow did, he is not team captain, etc. The reasons are numerous. He is not the center of the Chargers. Time somebody settle this crap down or we will end up like the Jets with the Tebow debacle. T’eo is not getting paid by the Chargers’ to be in front of the camera all the time.

Would you trade Jeromey Clary….. ?

davacho • 6 days ago −
reasons bolt brass may be keeping clary (in no particular order):

1- decently young at 29 (3 and a half years younger than brandon moore)

2- good rapport with hardwick/team and coaching staff

3- TT believes he fits in character-wise and for future direction of team

4- clary has nudey blackmail pics of spanos fam on vacay in greece

Not Your Father’s Chargers

Ernie Padaon Mod • 6 days ago −
And that is why Weddle stepped up and slapped Keenan allen in the face for rocking that cap.. That is where the fans stepped in and showed Allen the tradition in town

Rob Base • 5 days ago −
I remember watching the Bolts as a kid very young. Foutes and Munchie setting club records. I still have all 3 cards of the bruise brothers Gary Big Hands Johnson, Louie Kelcher and Leroy Jones. Watching Joiner and Foutes was exciting! I have Lionel little train James rookie card. I cried when Fouts and Joiner retired. It was great being a kid and watching the Bolts so many many great memories. Getting to watch players like Marion Butts, Means, Martin,Humpries. I was livid when they traded SEAU. The Harrison realese stung too. I could go on for days! I have been a Bolt fan threw the good the bad and uggglllly. The thing I enjoy most is watching the tradition live on with my children! Great article Peter

Keenan Allen: Great Football Style / Bad Fashion Taste

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
In all reality an idiot off field move. Torch the Raiders and we’ll call it even… Strong work Weddle!

Ernie Padaon Mod • 5 days ago −
he messed up… still want to see this kid on the field…. he is going to be awesome

San Diego Chargers Sign LT Max Starks

PakMaN • 5 days ago −
I’m first in line to give TT a handjob.

Seriously, fucking props to that guy. He has done a better job than ANY of us could have imagined.

FitzWilly • 5 days ago −
Between Starks and first-round draft choice D.J. Fluker, the team has added 684 pounds of brute force to the tackle positions within the last month.

Holy F*ck

Rob Base • 5 days ago −
Telesco is a mother fucking OG!!!! Dude has mad skills!! Way gangster!!

blackroseMD1 • 5 days ago −
We got both Freeney and Starks?

I think I just blacked out from happiness.

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −

JoseSD • 5 days ago −
I hope now jammer gets a 1 year deal after June 1st Gaither money comes in id rather have Ghilchrist play CB with the lack of depth

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
“Starks told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he has accepted a one-year contract offer. ” PFT
Amazing to me that TT is bolstering up the team while still keeping us in order to make BIG moves next year!!!

A True Leader in Mike McCoy

MC Boltman • 4 days ago −
I think he´s an excellent speaker and he seizes the room. Thats very good for the locker room up there. And I think he really got the feeling how to put his players´ strength into the right position.

Tom Telesco and McCoy – Architects of a New Bolts Era…a championship winning era. Not this year, but I´m very confident for the next few years…Oh Yeah! #boltup

Peter Thompson • 4 days ago −
I will say this… I don’t think there will be any 4th & 29 embarrasments, or 25-0 halftime leads being blown this year. I look forward to finally being able to relax when we have a three touchdown lead, instead of waiting for the bottom to drop out in that recurring, and sickening deja vu fashion.

Chargers players you may not know…..yet.

Free Agent: Looking Forward To Most

Ambitoos • 4 days ago −
TT sure makes AJ look like an idiot.

Max Starks – Bolting Into The Season 2013

Rob Base • 3 days ago −
That is a dude with great work ethic and integrity! Mad respect here!

tubbs45 • 3 days ago −
Stocked to have a great guy with a great attitude. He ain’t here to just collect a check, but to improve the team and make an impact! Loving the idea of a 650 pound bookend tackles!