“Freen”emies: Dwight & Peyton Square Off


It’s late Friday night. I’m sure most of you are getting ready for the 3 day Memorial Day weekend. Some are gearing up to hit the beaches. Others might be making that mad dash to Sin City.

Me? I’m posting another article on Boltbeat.com… LOL. In all honesty, I will be celebrating the weekend in style, right along with you!

After the up & down emotional roller coaster of losing Ingram, signing Freeney, and then landing Starks…. it’s a little tough to find anything else to talk about. The players are off for a week, and there won’t likely be anymore free agency movements until after June 1sr. So… why not get into a little drama, eh?

When Peyton Manning chose to come to the AFC West, I’m sure the last thing on his mind was “Dwight Freeney might be chasing me down one day”. However, that is exactly what has happened. The two were long time teammates, and pretty good friends, after being on the same team for years.  Well, friendships take a back seat on the grid-iron.

Dwight Freeney, despite a slow 2012 season, has been one of the league’s most consistent sack-masters! He was a player that Peyton Manning could always count on to get him back on the field, so he could work his magic. Now, the tables have turned completely. Freeney is wearing lightning bolts on his helmet, and is charged with the task of using that WICKED spin move to disrupt Manning’s concentration, make him run for his life, force him to fumble, and ideally… drive his face into the dirt!!!

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited that Freeney is now a part of Manning’s closest divisional competition! The drama that will ensue, once Freeney gets his first sack on Manning (as a Charger) will be a thing of beauty! And, if it’s one of those “didn’t even see him coming”, whiplash fumble hits from behind… it will force me to jump out of my seat… pump my fist… and scream “YEAH” so loud, that my wife, my friends, my cat, and probably some of my neighbors will do a double take!!!

The only thing that disappoints me, is that we will have to wait until the tenth game to see it! Denver has a good o-line, so it will definitely be a challenge for the aging veteran to step up, and show his old colleague what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that spin move! Not to mention, SP95 will be looking to show Philip Rivers that he is not going to let him sling the ball at will against his new defensive unit. Both games are sure to be full of dramatic story lines. Ex-Chargers Vasquez, Hester, and Phillips have all switched sides. Freeney will be gunning for Manning. Mike McCoy will be looking to show that he knows how to beat Manning, and the high-powered Denver offense. Not to mention, Ron Milus will be ready to show his old team that his “scapegoat” firing was a big mistake, and put a secondary on the filed that is capable of making Peyton Manning think twice about getting pass happy!

Are you guys as excited as I am about this year’s match-ups with the Broncos? Who do you think will prevail, and how much will these players performances decide the outcomes? Do the Chargers have any edge, now that they have two of Denver’s coaches from last year? How many sacks do you think Freeney will put on Peyton, if any? Feel free to get nasty in the comments section below. No holds barred! Show your team spirit by bragging about what we are going to do to Denver!

Bolting Towards Vengence!