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Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers fans pose during tailgate festivities before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY SportsShaun Phillips Is On “The Good Side Now”

Russell Grant • 5 days ago −
Fluker, run his ass over next year! Show him what it’s like to be on our bad side.

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Well, damn it. hate to see good numbers walk for next to nothing. but he is and has always been a whiney bitch and a bad bowler…

TheReturnOfMrBlanks • 5 days ago −
Man, gonna have to pay a backup guy to to punch him in the nuts and get a unsportsman like conduct for that one.

Bryant McKinnie Will Be Visiting Chargers On Tuesday

Pels04 • 5 days ago −
Rivers needs to pull the crazy girlfriend card. “If you love me you’ll do it”. TT if you love Rivers you won’t let McKinnie leave without a contract! Please!!! Rivers life depends on it…..

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Make it happen Captain TT! We need him for a year or 2! I would really have much more confidence in the O Line if he is added. Pretty please with friggin sugar on top!

Catfish Jokes Are Not Funny… Anymore

tubbs45 • 5 days ago −
Who gives a stinky s#$% what people say as long as your play on the field leave cleats stuck to the turf and little birdies circling peoples heads… I think its funny how PC we have to be with certain issues and others are no holds barred…

BoltFan2 • 4 days ago −
Instead of being the “catfished” be the “catfisherman”…. Every time he makes an interception… The QB was catfished! Makes a big tackle on a RB… That RB got catfished!

Fill the Q every time he makes an awesome play with chants of “You got catfished” until everyone thinks of it as a positive or finally leaves the guy alone…

Russell Grant • 4 days ago −
He’s going to get razzed for it for a while. I think this all goes away when he pops Welker coming across the middle and lays out a Raider in a game.

What To Do With Jeromey Clary?

Ioane • 4 days ago −
Why not ask Clary to take a pay cut? He’s no longer a tackle and we don’t know if he can play guard. I’m also very interested in seeing how both Rhinehart and Troutman do at the position.

We will know soon enough, if McKinnie is signed than Clary is on his way out.

Cgoodness13 • 4 days ago −
If clary was at least a decent run blocker, Mathews wouldn’t have had to bounce off tackles and hit the sideline to get any yards. I say cut him.

Russell Grant • 4 days ago −
The trade off with moving him inside is that now you have a glut of possible guards. He would likely do better as a guard since his footwork doesn’t need to be amazing and he can leveredge that with what he knew as a tackle. Lining up with Fluker would be like watching the running of the bulls. On the other hand, releasing him gives us 2.3 million to put toward McKinnie and we can see what one of the other guys we picked up can do there.

On Bryant McKinnie Watch

TheReturnOfMrBlanks • 4 days ago −
Bryant McKinnie how do you feel about becoming a Charger?

“It’s aight”

Latest Bryant McKinnie Update: Taking A Physical This Morning

tubbs45 • 3 days ago −
Bryant how was the Physical? ‘Its Cool’.

tubbs45 • 4 days ago −
Sure hope they check that back and check his hands for xbox thumb and/or cheetos dust.

Big Lazy 2.0 In San Diego 2013?

TheReturnOfMrBlanks • 3 days ago −
For one we need to just plain stop making comparisons to him and Gaither, Gaither never did anything but have 5 solid games…Thats it. Mckinnie when he was younger didn’t miss hardly any games at all his entire career. He’s a huge dude so he probably gains weight every day, just needs a good strength coach to keep riding him. His team mates loved him (no comparison there at all to Gaither) when he cut his weight down he started over Oher and won a super bowl. We all gotta get over Gaither, we are like a bunch of battered woman who can’t trust men anymore lol Let’s trust this guy, he’s only a stop gap for a year or 2 so lets not worry to much about it, he’s 100 times better then what we have now. I for one embrace him with open arms and wish him the best!

Russell Grant • 3 days ago −
OK, let’s get something straight. Gaither is The Big Lazy. Only him. McKinnie is 33 and was replaced by someone seven years younger. Not every backup is there because they are lazy. Sometimes it’s because the new kid has more gas in the tank. Now is he the permanent guy for the next decade? No. He’s 33. But can he give you solid starts? Of course he can and he can teach some of the young bucks (Fluker, Harris, other UDFAs in camp) something. And let’s not forget the Super Bowl Ring. You want to give a team a goal, have them all say “I’ve got to get me one of those!”

Chargers Add Another Quarterback

tubbs45 • 2 days ago −
smart move TT. without a decent LT we’ll need 4 or 5 QBS… LOL

Give Me Starks, Or Give Me Death! (Or, Dunlap)

tubbs45 • a day ago −
Man people keep mentioning cutting LeRon… would create 1.4 in cap room. Why the fuck not cut Meachem.. 3.75 in cap room. I get that they are trying to squeeze anything the dudes got left in his stone-like hands, but shit if we are throwing Gaithers money on to the bon-fire… why not meachem’s? We can actually use Clary and McClain, Meachem was just an AJ experiment that didnt pan out… AT ALL.

The NFL Top 100 List Is A Joke

Peter Thompson • a day ago −
My worst nightmare is that Clary comes on the site, reads what I have posted, catches me coming from my car one day, gets me in a headlock… and crams Cheetos down my throat until I suffocate to death…

TheReturnOfMrBlanks • a day ago −
Ya I see it as a good thing, our guys aren’t overhyped in the media, Jacoby has a sick super bowl and that put him on the list. That is the world we live in, what have ya done for me lately.

Russell Grant • a day ago −
This is bulletin board material in the hands of the right coach. Let them get pissed off as a group and they will tear the league apart.