Tom Telesco “We’ve got Rivers some help”


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I got online and got to listen to lots of people asking questions.  I was in the queue to ask one of my questions, but my turn never came.  There were over 2,000 season ticket holders on the call, which was pretty cool.  Here are some of the questions that were asked and Telesco’s answers.  There was a lot of hello’s and how are you doings and random pontification that I did not include.

Q: What do you like most about your new home city?

A: The people in San Diego are so nice and are making me and my entire family feel very welcome.

Q:  What were your impressions of your first draft?

A:   It went very smooth and that was encouraging.  We did a lot of work in four months.  The staff did a great job.  The talent scouts, support staff and coaches, the whole process went very smoothly.

Q:  What are your plans for Philip Rivers’ blind side?

A:  We have some people here that can do what we need them to do.  We signed King Dunlap and he played well last year.  He handles himself well.  But like other positions, you need to explore what is out there.  You need to find the best 5 guys for the line.

Q:  What kind of role will Fluker be playing on the line?

A:  He brings a really physical mentality to the line.  He can protect the pass and run.  Reminds me of Dielman.  He’s a dual phase guy.

Q:  Who calls the draft pick once they are selected?

A:  We have one of our scouts call them first, then I call them.

Q:  We have had character issues with the line.  What kinds of things are you doing to ensure that players coming in have good character?

A:  There is investigation and research that we do along with talking to them and their coach.  The way it works in this league is that people come and go.  You build contacts.  We talk to our contacts and to the person coming in.  We let everyone know up front what our expectations are and that they need to be met.

Q:  Our schedule looks tough with travel.  Six 10am starts on the East Coast.  Do you change up the game plan when the schedule is rough?

A:  This is new for me, being on the West coast.  Typically we will start practice earlier and allow for travel, but I do not put too much thought and concern into it.  We just need to make a few adjustments that we probably would have made anyway.

Q:  What is up with the Tebow situation?  What are the odds he could come here?

A:   We are really happy with the two quarterbacks we have and we drafted a third.

Q:  Chargers offense has been very predicable the last few years.  Are we planning on introducing more plays?

A:  You win with repetition and running good plays.  Mike likes to move people around and find the best matchup for success.

Q:  The key to the season is the offensive line.  Is Clary willing to move over to guard?

A:  Yes, he is willing to move wherever he can help the team.

Q:  What are your thought on our running game and Danny Woodhead?

A:  Danny is a little player, but he is dynamic.  We will be watching him in training camp to see how his role evolves.

Q:  What kind of offense are we running?  West Coast, 7/7 drop and who will be calling the plays?  Head coach or OC?

A:  We are not sure yet, we are still working that out.  Certainly not a West Coast offense full blown.  Just aspects of it with a mix to make the defense not be able to gauge what we are doing.  For sure not a West Coast offense team.

Q:  Does current management have concerns about Rivers turnovers and lack of mobility?

A:  Concerns, no.   But things that need to be worked on, yes.  He’s got football awareness, so I don’t worry about that.  There are times people force the ball to make plays, we are working on that.  Ball handling, mechanics, footwork, fundamentals.  I think it’s nice that he has new eyes watching him work and giving him tips.

Q:  Bryant McKinnie had a physical today, what’s going on with that?

A:  We are exploring options.

Q:  Will Te’o be working in the middle and what are your plans for our new receiver?

A:  Manti needs to come in and earn a job.  But he will work well with Butler.  We expect them to be interchangeable.  Manti is an excellent third down player and we will see how it plays out.  Keenen Allen as some point has played in the slot.  Once we get him here and get him on the field we will know what we can do with him.

Q:  How is Philip Rivers going to maintain with no help?

A:  I think we’ve got him some help.  We’ve got a pretty deep receiving core, we’ve got Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown and Mathews.  Also, watching Philip and Antonio Gates is something special.  You could blindfold Philip and he would still hit Antonio 9 out of 10 times.

Telesco:  I’ve a guy can’t keep up with our work ethic he will not be here.

One big take away from this Q&A session was that our new management is not going to allow slacking.  Attitude problems, performance issues on and off the field are not going to be tolerated.  I like the direction they are taking and their attitude with expectations.  He definitely has a handle on the team and is steering them in the right direction.


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