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Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers fans Ryan Jaime (left) and Briana Jaime pose during tailgate festivities before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY SportsThe community on the site is growing. The community is my favorite thing about this site. This was a tough week for me to be on the computer, but through the open threads and through the comments section, there was a ton of information flying around thanks to you all.

This weekend column will definitely have to work out it’s kinks, but as I keep putting it together, those will be sorted out. The post was suggested by CGXIII and I think it has pretty good potential. It has potential because of all of you great commenters.

I tried to go through all the comments this week, but I think we post a few too many articles during the week for me to sit down on my Sunday to go through. I will have to do better keeping up throughout the week. Anyway, for the posts I could go through, here are some of the top comments:

TheReturnOfMrBlanksNext’s years draft we get our franchise LT and make sure of it by any means nessisary, then replace JJ with a beast OLB and we are serious money. Next year’s holes aren’t even close to as complicated as this year. I love TT

Russell GrantI applaud TT for making the gesture and LT for knowing when his time to walk away arrived. As much as I’d love to see LT come back, an athlete knows when his career is done. Now if they could get him as a running back coach, that would be all sorts of awesome!

JoseSDI saw a mock where they had this Guy being taken by the Chargers in rd 6-5, he’s a beast of a man. It’s been a while since we had that nose tackle who can plug up the middle like Jamal Williams. Remember those days where he would occupy the center and guard letting all the LBs flow to the ball and make plays. How I long for the days to return where we chant “You can’t run!! You can’t run!!” After stonewalling the running back

Stefanie SmithI heard McCoy give a short interview on NFL Network. They asked if this year whether this is Rivers’ final year–like a curtain call. He said No. Phillip will be with this team for a long time-many years. McCoy likes Rivers and he likes Rivers a lot.

Russell GrantTell Denver that they want a guy named ” Big Lazy”

Peter ThompsonGood luck SP95… But not in week 10 or 15!!!! This move makes tons of sense (unless it was expensive). He was never a #1 pass rusher. Merriman was #1. SP was a #2 pad rusher, even when he was given the #1 spot. Miller is a number one, so Phillips can get back to doing what he does best. TT probably doesn’t want an aging #2. Either way, he isn’t garbage, or a traitor.. He was a great player for us, and we should be proud of him, and what he meant to our team. He was always a class act, no matter how you chop it up. Can you blame him for going to a SB contender? Even if it’s a rival? I can’t.

arnieFootball players Ernie. TT is getting football players from “winning” programs. I think it’s off to a great start to get a player in the first round, that shows up with a Championship ring, already on his finger.

Stefanie SmithWe never got so much NFL Network coverage until we picked Teo.

TheReturnOfMrBlanksWe got 3 first round talents in 3 rounds, we didn’t all needs but we deffinetly got better. I really wasn’t expecting a WR, people are going to say TT panicked and went BPA after the Saints stole Armstead but maybe he wanted Allen all along. PR loves his big targets and got a nice new one.

Bad Leroy BrownYouth, Size, and Nastiness on the Right side for years to come

Yves Kocherat least we have a future pro bowl tackle, now TT somehow give us one on the other side!!

welcome to the chargers D.J Fluker

TheReturnOfMrBlanksI actually like the pick, he helps Matthews right away and protects PR a hell of alot better then Clary ever did. 1 Starting tackle with serious promise taken, on to the next.I wonder if TT has a certain guy they see being the LT. who is more promising Watson – Armstead – Mills? Maybe he knows something we dont, what I do know is anyone in the 2nd or 3rd round is light years…..light years better then Mike Harris.

Russell GrantClary earned his bad rap in SD by being an open door.

Nick in PBI’ve been trying to find the silver lining with this pick. Watching the draft progress was excruciating!!!Watching all the LT’s go in the first 4 picks, then Cooper, then Warmack, UGH!!!! Watching all the teams before us trade back with the teams we targeted as traded back with UGH! What we got was a really good football player. Big and nasty. Loves to play the game and has the attitude and energy you want on the team. Let’s face it, we weren’t inn a great position for THIS draft at 11. We didn’t have the resources or extra picks to negotiate trades without effecting the rest of the draft. Offensive line was our biggest need and we just added a really big guy to that need. I’m OK with it. Can’t wait to see what we do the rest of the way!

Peter ThompsonI can see Rivers whispering in TT’s ear over the last two months..

“Tom. Get him OUT of here… Clary is going to get me killed…. ssshhh, sshhhh… here he comes… act cool…. Hi Jeromey = )”.

Or, something pretty close to that.

I have some ideas on how to pimp this post out a little more, but if you all have suggestions, let me know. PS. LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!