2013 NFL Mock Draft, Full 3 Rounder (genuine) 8.0


With the 11th Pick, in the NFL Draft: Who am I gonna pick?

By James Fedewa

This is the real deal mock draft, so make sure you print this out and prepare to watch your NFL Draft with a pen, pencil, highlighter and printout lists. You won’t find a better mock draft that this one here. After 8 versions, based on pure player talent/projections and team need, this will probably be a better version than you would see on larger networks like CBS, ESPN and NFL.

This draft should be filled with several draft-day trades, and one trade can bust a mock draft (or one odd-ball team selection. Look for Here’s my latest NFL Mock Draft (with no projected trades):

San Diego Chargers Select:

#11 Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma – With the media OVER-HYPE of some offensive linemen this year, reality sets in, and three quarterbacks are selected in the top ten. Although I have Arizona selecting left tackle Eric Fisher in this mock draft, I do believe the Cardinals pass on an offensive linemen for a premier pass rushing prospect. Arizona will draft a quarterback with their second round pick, and if they pass on pass on a pass rusher in the 1st and 2nd round, there will be none in the third round and pass rusher is the most glaring need. San Diego will have their choice as several O-Line prospects, including Eric Fisher.

#45 Sam Montgomery, OLB/DE, LSU – A very lucky selection for San Diego, although maybe a slight luxury pick in the 2nd round (since the Chargers are so thin on the defensive line).  San Diego needs depth at OLB and Montgomery can step in at (situational) nickel/dime pass rusher. Montgomery is a very good pass rusher, but he did say some things at the combine (about taking plays off at LSU), so some teams question his motor. Sometimes being brutally honesty can cost you being selected in the first round.

#76 Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff – Armstead is loaded with talent but is extremely raw and needs time to marinate in the NFL. Some suggest Armstead will be selected early in the second round, but I don’t think he’s ready to start in 2013 (and the 2nd round is full of great starting material players that will go ahead of him). Armstead will need at least a year of NFL coaching and he came to the right place in San Diego (with new o-line coach Joe D’alessandris). With him sliding to the 3rd round, SD is shocked that he’s there and are going to have to push defensive line back till the 4th or 5th round. I’m not 100% sure if Armstead is a pro-bowl left tackle, but he could be a premier guard.

(4th round: NT / 5th round: DE / 6th round: SS / 7th round: CB)

The NFL Draft is like no other event in professional sports and gets more notoriety than some actual games. Not everyone can be an NFL player, but most football fans would love to run a franchise. So, in comes the mock draft (a “personal selection” of how you’d pick your team).