Trades! Gotta Love Em


Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks at the start of the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Chargers trade up or down in this year’s draft? It doesn’t matter to me if the Chargers trade up or down as long as it makes our team better I’m all for it..

The worst scenario for the Chargers is if all three tackles and the two guards are gone before the 11th pick. If that happens, the Chargers could take OLB Mingo or S Vaccaro (Ernie’s man crush lol) at 11 or they could trade down. I’d rather trade down and get extra picks,(sorry Ernie) but who will want to trade up?

  • The Vikings seem like a logical choice because they have two first picks, (#23 and #25) but will they trade both. I think the Chargers can either demand the two first round picks or take one and the Vikings 2nd rounder. It all depends on how much Minnesota want’s WR Tavon Austin because the Jets at #13 and the Rams at #16 might get him. The Chargers can take an OL like Armstead to secure him or an ILB like Te’o, Ogletree, Brown, or Minter.
  •  The 49ers are another team because they have 14 picks this year and only have room on their roster for like half. Plus, they could also target WR Tavon Austin as that playmaker to finally win the Super Bowl or select S Kenny Vaccaro to replace Dashan Golston. San Fran can trade away their #31, #34, and a 3rd round pick but will trading that far back really help. The Chargers can also take an OL like Armstead or an ILB with picks #31 or #34.

Another scenario is the Chargers can trade up to the 6th pick ahead of the Cardinals at 7 and select OT Lane Johnson. If the Chargers do this then their fine with Johnnie Troutman and Chad Rinehart starting at OG and think getting a franchise LT is their missing link.  I wouldn’t mind this because I do believe Troutman should get a chance to start. Some people forget the year where Rivers was throwing to a lot of different WRs, but since he had O-line protection it didn’t matter who he was throwing to as long as he had the time to do it.

The other scenario for the Chargers is to stay at 11 and take the best player available. The BPA approach can go in a lot of directions, but as long as it makes our team better I’m all for it. If any elite OT are available, most likely Lane Johnson, then they’ll be the pick, but a guard could be the choice. If both are available, then it’s just a matter of which OG the Chargers prefer.

  • Chance Warmack played the power scheme at Alabama, but he’s versatile enough to play the zone-blocking scheme. Warmack has that nastiness that the Chargers have needed on the O-line ever since Kris Dielman retired. He’s also considered the safest pick in this draft. 
  • The other guard Jonathan Cooper is just as good, but he’s a natural fit for the zone-blocking scheme. Cooper is more versatile than Warmack because he can also play Center. Having a player that can play multiple positions is always good. Cooper is probably one of the best pulling guards and that will entice any RB.

Another BPA approach is taking an OLB like Mingo or S Vaccaro. I’ll take either one because they both will help the Chargers on defense. These two players should be our last option at staying at 11, but trading down might be a better option.

  • Barkevious Mingo played DE at LSU, but some don’t know is he was an OLB in high school. He made the switch because he can and to help the team out while he got as much playing as he could. He’s a natural pass rusher who has so much athletic ability his potential would be hard to pass on. Mingo playing OLB opposite of Melvin Ingram would get any fan excited, but Jarrett Johnson is the starter unless they move him to ILB. They can play Mingo on passing downs since Johnson is a run stuffer, but the Chargers shouldn’t spend that high of a pick on a situational player they can find one later in the draft.
  • Kenny Vaccaro out of Texas can play either safety position, but for the Chargers he’ll play SS. He’s Ernie’s favorite because of the versatility and because he can play the nickel position and cover the slot receiver or the TE. I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind having Vaccaro play next to Weddle because the Chargers haven’t has a legit SS since Rodney Harrison. They do have Brandon Taylor and new GM Tom Telesco did say he likes Taylor, but the question is how much. I’d give taylor a chance to prove himself, but I’m only a die hard fan.

So Charger fans, what do you want the Chargers to do? I personally want them to trade up at #6 and select OT Lane Johnson, if he’s available, because Troutman and Taylor should get a chance to start. I’d then take RB Le’Veon Bell in the 3rd, CB Leon McFadden in the 4th, ILB Kevin Reddick in the 5th, OLB Travis Long in the 6th, and QB Sean Renfree in the 7th.

Tell me your opinion in the comment section below and get ready for the draft on Thursday. I wonder what picture Ernie will have tomorrow for the countdown til the 2013 draft.

-Thomas Bell