Dr. Telesco’s Experiment


OK, folks. Here it goes. It’s Sunday, so this post might get silly… so, whatevs. Here it goes.

After the long fantasized exit of A..J. Smithers, and Norv “The Neck” Turner… a number of fans still have reservations (if not, concerns) about the decisions of the new Chargers management. There aren’t many fans out there with any illusions about this being a great season. How could you? We have tuned in everyday, only to see players leaving through roster cuts, and free agency. Some you didn’t care… Some you did.

Gaither, Spikes, Bigby, Cason, and Garay were shown the door… I think we all saw that coming. Vasquez went to Denver… wasn’t a good feeling. It was followed by Barnes, and Martin signing with new teams. Phillips, and Jammer probably won’t be signing here, either. When Franklin left, people lost their minds on here.

As a fan, it was difficult to watch.

Sure, it was great to watch Norv & A.J. hit the turn-style.. pink slips in hand. It was long overdue. We watched helplessly, as the “status quo” was imposed upon us, year after year. It was a continuous spoonful of bad medicine. Unfortunately, their firings didn’t make it much sweeter. We all knew that our playoff caliber team, from not-so-long-ago, was capable of hoisting the trophy. Things were handled THAT badly.

As to what’s going on now, one can only speculate. Local media sources have been cut off. Signings have been relatively unknown, and unusual. Strange names… new faces…. threaded together by a couple of solid signings, some up & coming talent, and some Pro-Bowl veterans. We are all looking up to the top of the hill.

… to Charger Castle.

Nobody really knows what’s going on inside. You can see the occasional flickering of light through the laboratory window. The drawbridge has been lifted, and the gates are closed. Are they building a younger, hungrier monster…made of fresh parts… hand picked by a young mad-scientist, conducting his first solo experiment? (as a commenter named Russ Grant implied today) Or, is it going to be a mutation of inexperienced, and incapable players… only worthy of the “how-not-to” film reel?

What’s scarier, is that the monster isn’t even close to finished. We are looking to the draft for multiple starters, we’re stuck with a few potential busts, and are handcuffed by salary cap & expensive contracts. I don’t envy the San Diego Chargers new management (except for the salary). Dean Spanos still owns the team. He probably needs to be actively involved, without forcing the GM’s hand, for a year or two anyway. One thing I hope he has learned, is that if the experiment isn’t working, you need to abort, Faster than he did with Norv, and A.J.

Which leads me to… yes!!!… another poll. I know I may look like a one trick pony here, but polls get the truth of what the readers think. So, GO POLL!!!!! It’s 11 days until election day… or maybe execution day, if TT doesn’t orchestrate it perfectly. Let’s not ride the fence here. Feel free to abstain if you are a hipster, and just want to vent about it in the comments.

Is Tom Telesco doing a good job? Or, is Tom Telesco doing a bad job?

And, we are talking about right now. Don’t pull the “It’s too early to tell” card. You can change your mind later… it’s anonymous.

Is Tom Telesco Doing A Good Job?

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