Lets play GM part 1, what are the chargers needs?


Apr 12, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco (left) and head coach Mike McCoy throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Padres game against the Colorado Rockies at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsHi everybody, we are less than 2 weeks away from the draft, and with this new front office making the concept of building through the draft such an important reality, lets discuss the chargers biggest needs and maybe we’ll guess 1 or 2 of the future chargers.

Lets start with needs:

1 Left tackle: Even Mike McCoy will not designate anyone from this roster as a starter, with the historically bad Mike Harris, Philip Rivers dropped from 4,500 yards to 3,600 yards and scoring and yards per game took a major nose dive. They will draft a Left Tackle in rounds 1 or 2.

2 Pass Rusher: Both Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes are gone from this team, and no one else has proven production getting to the QB. Expect a 3-4 OLB to be taken in the first 3 rounds.

3 Offensive Guard: As publicized as Mike Harris’ bad play was, Tyronne Greene was pretty close to being as bad, and the fact he lined up right next Harris made the situation even worse. Typically guards should not be taken high, but the Chargers are faced with very real probability of the Best Player available in a position of need will be at a guard. Expect the chargers to draft a guard in the first round or play it more conservative and take one from rounds 3-5.

4 Nose Tackle: Both Aubrayo Franklin & Antonio Garay signed contracts elsewhere, Cam Thomas will be given every opportunity to start, but there is no depth behind him. Expect a NT to be taken between round 2-5.

5 Inside Linebacker: Takeo Spikes has been cut, and the players on the roster (Jonas Mouton, Bront Bird) are not proven. The fact Mouton was such high pick, might force the chargers to force feed him into the starting lineup. The draft will prove the level of trust in Mouton, they can draft a ILB as early as the second round or not draft any.

6 Running Back: Ryan Mathews is a maddening evaluation as he shows excellent speed, surprising power, and a true fight to get every yard he can on every carry, but mix that with not great vision, fumbling problems, he seems to miss 1-3 games every season, and he makes immature comments to the media. The Oline was horrible and clearly contributed in 4.9 ypc to 3.9 ypc drop he had last season. Drafting a RB has more to do with the injuries than level of play for me, I expect the chargers to take a RB than can take 15-25 carries per game in the 3rd-7rd round area.

7 Cornerback: As it looks right now Cox, Gilchrist, Wright will get major playing time for this team, but the depth behind them is lacking, in a pass driven league you can never have enough corners. I expect the chargers to take a corner from 3-7 round range.

8 Strong Safety: Bigby was released, Lynch hasn’t been resigned, and Brandon Taylor is coming back from an ACL tear. Could the chargers re-sign Jammer or Lynch and have them stop gap fro Taylor, or will they start Taylor from week 1, who supposedly is way of ahead schedule in his rehabilitation. They could very easily draft a Safety early, or not draft safety at all.

9 Other position that might get late round consideration:

QB: Whitehurst is not much more than serviceable, a developmental guy will a consideration.WR: The talent level is mediocre as it currently stands, and will jump into a full need if Danario Alexander signs elsewhere.

5 Tech DE: Liuget & Reyes appear to be the future stars of this franchise, but there isn’t much to any depth behind them, a late round backup is not out of the question.

Part 2, lets do a 7 round mock for the chargers, it will not be optimistic as a Left Tackle will not drop to the chargers at pick 11.