Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day! Chargers I Love to Hate (Past and Present)


Let me start by saying Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.  Although this is a day that we consider a “Hallmark Holiday” in my home, I am sure there are some of you daring to be bold and take that step to share your feelings for another person.  Best of luck to you and I hope you get what you ask for in the end.

I would also like to add that I don’t hate anyone.  I just wanted a clever title that grabbed your attention while getting the point across.

I figured that I would take a different stance today while looking at some of the Chargers, past and present, that I have no love for at all.  Despite the fact that I do my best to support all members of the team, there are, and have been, some guys that just make you want to pull your hair out.

Below I will list the players that fit the bill of Chargers that I can’t stand for one reason or another.  I would like to preface my list with the fact that there is no particular order to it.

Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom regarding the players that have driven you crazy or are still driving you crazy.


David Boston –  Boston is quite possibly the worst signing in NFL history.  He lasted all of one year with the Bolts after signing a seven year deal in free agency.

Mark Malone – Another Bolt one year blunder, Malone only played in twelve games with the Chargers while starting eight in 1988.  Despite limited action, Malone managed to turn the ball over 19 times in San Diego’s first year post Fouts.  That’s more than twice as many turnovers as starts.

Matt Wilhelm – Based on his non-starting years, it was difficult to put him on this list.  However, as a starter he earned the moniker “The Matador.”  His inability to make solid contact was more than annoying.  He was a guy that was given a decent amount of money to remain a Charger and become a starter.  That experiment was a failure.

Ryan Leaf – There is no need to expound on why Leaf is on this list.  If I did have an order to this list, he would almost definitely be receiving the least love, so to speak.

Nate Kaeding (In the playoffs) – The regular season version of Nate Kaeding was the most accurate kicker in NFL history.  He replaced Peyton Manning‘s idiot kicker, Mike Vanderjagt, for that distinction.  Great company to be in – coughs repeatedly –  but let’s move on.  Kaeding broke the hearts of every Charger fan on multiple occasions in the playoffs.  For some of the youngest Charger fans, they may hold his overall career in high regard.  But I loathe the mentioning of playoffs and Kaeding in the same sentence.  I must admit that I lobbied for Kaeding to stay over Nick Novak.  I did so in an effort to choose between the lesser of two evils.  I don’t find it unreasonable to say that if it wasn’t for Kaeding, the Chargers’ trophy case might have a few less cobwebs.

Jared Gaither – The tale of Big Lazy is fresh in the minds of Charger fans all over the world.  The level of fan frustration was only topped by that of the frustration within Bolts’ organization, including its players.  When I interviewed Kevin Acee in December, he made it clear that the locker room was extremely sick and tired of Gaither’s lack of effort to recover from various fairy tale injuries.  I am not suggesting that he didn’t have any ailments at all.  I am stating that the players made it clear that they didn’t appreciate him not doing far more than he was doing to get back on the field.  I truly hope Acee was right about Gaither following Norv Turner and A.J. Smith out of San Diego.  Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you, Jared.

Marlon McCree – Hearing McCree’s name is similar to that of the hyenas hearing the name Mufasa in the movie The Lion King.  It is devastatingly cringe worthy.  It still hurts at this very moment to think about Troy Brown stripping the ball from McCree after his fourth quarter interception of Tom Brady.  Hit the ground!!!! Nope.  He decided to go all Hollywood on the play and attempt a return.  To make matters worse, he insists that he would do nothing different on that play.  Darn you McCree.  I just threw up in my mouth twice.

Thanks a lot for reading.  Which Chargers, past or present, do you have zero love for?  Let me know at the bottom of this article.