Would You Like the 2013 Chargers to be Featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks?


July 26, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of a San Diego Chargers helmet on the grass during training camp at Charger Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason is officially here.  Next up on the docket is the “Underwear Olympics,” otherwise known as the combine.

In today’s NFL, it is difficult to even use the word offseason.  Professional football has transitioned into a year round sport.

Being a Charger diehard, it is a darn good thing too.  The sooner things like the combine, free agency, the draft, etc begin, the sooner we can rinse the taste out of our mouths of our third consecutive season with no playoffs.

Despite it only being three years, it definitely seems like an eternity since the Bolts were in the tournament.

Ah yes, “just get into the tournament.”  Former general manager A.J. Smith always talked about getting into the tournament.  He never really talked much about what the expectations were once we got there.

Smith is now gone.  Let’s hope phrases like the aforementioned and “you’re a Charger one year at a time,” have followed him out the door.  He said the latter in an effort to massage his ego while establishing that no one was above the team.

Well, except for him.   Smith chased away players while angering many, if not a high majority, of their agents as well.  His version of my way or the highway will not be missed in San Diego whatsoever.

Now that the team has started an offseason with some positive momentum by the removals of both Smith and Norv Turner, one may think that this could be the supreme opportunity to win back some of the fanbase.  A fanbase that is decreasing at an alarming rate.

Perhaps highlighting the 2013 squad, by providing more exposure to the team, would help excite both diehards and bandwagon fans alike.

That brings us to HBO’s hit program “Hard Knocks.”  As most of you know, in Hard Knocks, HBO has its cameras follow around all facets of an NFL team.  It is a serious in depth look at all things about the chosen team.  It covers personnel interviews, cut days with the turk, practices, extra curricular activities, meals, training room videos, and much more.

When A.J. ” Stickeus In the Gluteus Maximus” Smith was the GM,  he had turned down the opportunity to participate in the show on at least two separate occasions.

It is no secret that the fanbase in San Diego has taken its lumps in recent years.  People were so fed up with Norv, A.J., and as an extension of them being here, Dean Spanos too.  It will take more than just the signings of Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy to reenergize the Bolt Family.  Although winning cures everything, I feel it would be wise to find ways to excite the fans prior to the beginning of the 2013 season.

Give the fans even more exposure to the team by putting the Chargers on Hard Knocks.

I have always wanted to see the Chargers on Hard Knocks.  Some people claim that the exposure is a bad thing.  I say the more Chargers coverage the better.

Despite what some writers like to believe, not all Charger fans live in San Diego.  Some are even ignorant enough to say that you aren’t as big of a fan or supporter if you don’t live in San Diego.

Child please.

Not only would it be great for the out of town fans, but the San Diego fans would also have the chance to get to know more about the team.  As we all know, this year’s team will most likely look completely different due to some long tenured Bolts reaching the end of their contracts.  Shaun Phillips and Quentin Jammer are rumored to be all but gone, at this point.  What does the team do with players like Gaither and English?  What new pieces will be added to a young, up and coming defense?  Is this the draft where the Chargers nail a first round immediate impact guy?  ( I still love the Melvin Ingram selection, by the way)

I think you get the point and I’ll stop rambling.

There are a ton of storylines revolving around our beloved Chargers in 2013.  It is my opinion that this would be the perfect year to get as much behind the scenes coverage as possible.  I think that a vast majority of the fans would love to see the Chargers on Hard Knocks.

So what say you Beaters, Beat Mob, or whatever we’re all called?  Would you like to see the Chargers on Hard Knocks?

Please vote and leave a comment supporting why you voted either yes or no.

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