The Chopping Block: San Diego Chargers Players That Could Be Released


Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Takeo Spikes (51) is escorted off the field by tight end Randy McMichael (81) after being ejected during the second quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Some heads have already been rolling around the league. The Detroit Lions have released Titus Young, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Stephen Peterman. The New York Giants released Michael Boley and the Pittsburgh Steelers cut Chris Rainey. There are going to be other heads rolling in the next few weeks.

Who will the San Diego Chargers release? Who will fail the evaluation from Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy? We need to make more room under that salary cap to sign Jake Long anyway.

Here are a list of possible players on the chopping block:

Jared GaitherOf course we will start with the most obvious choice! The Big Lazy has been under a ton of ridicule from his teammates and from the fans. His fat contract is guaranteed, but he might be a cancer in the locker room. If the Chargers passed on Titus Young, why would they want to keep a cancer that is already on the roster?

Atari BigbyHe started the year doing well as the starter next to Eric Weddle, but then he kept getting sucked in on play action fakes. He also kept looking for the  big hits instead of making the routine tackle, allowing ball carriers to get chunks of yards after bouncing off of him. We have the youngster Brandon Taylor on the roster, but we still are unaware how he will bounce back from his injury. We can also re-sign Corey Lynch as a steady veteran backup on the roster. Adding a player in the draft is a possibility also.

Larry EnglishInjuries, injuries and more injuries kept him from getting on the field. Last season, he didn’t even have injuries and he seemed to be in the dog house. He was stuck behind a long list of outside linebackers. Personally, I would keep English around on the roster and let him see more snaps. Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes are free agents and we may not bring back either of them. I saw a nice little burst from the kid when he did get a shot to play. Last chance for romance.

Antonio GarayHe was a healthy inactive for a lot of the season. Aubrayo Franklin and Cam Thomas handled most of the work in the middle with him on the sideline and  theydid a good job. Franklin is a free agent, but the team should try to bring him back or find a kid in the draft to fill the role. I think Garay is as good as released. Maybe they pull a Luis Castillo with him and try to re-sign him for cheap. Or just rework his contract.

Randy McMichaelHe was one of Norv Turner’s favorite players, but Norv isn;t here anymore. Will Mike McCoy want to keep the veteran around? I always felt that McMichael would be more of a threat in the passing game, but he was used more as a blocking tight end for Norval. We have Antonio Gates on the roster already and maybe we can try and groom Ladarius Green to contribute. Norval always leaned toward using vets.

Takeo SpikesCould we have seen the last of Spikes? Did he get his final shot at the playoffs? Did he really get tossed out of his final game? I hope not. I hope that we can give him one more opportunity to make it into the playoffs as a San Diego Charger. It must hurt to see his former team make a run all the way to the Super Bowl. Or maybe he is a curse?

Charlie WhitehurstClipboard Jesus. Does Mike McCoy really want to have Whitehurst as the backup for Philip? Do we try to find a youngster to fill that role next season?

What you think Beaters? Anyone you really don’t want to cut? Any players you look forward to them cutting (cough.. .cough… Jared.. cough)?