BoogaP’s Super Bowl Predictions


Feb 3, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view as fans arrive for Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and, to heck with it, even Raider fans, today marks the NFL’s 47th Super Bowl.

The clash of this season’s titans meet to decide the only squad that leaves the 2012 season as a true winner.

Later this evening, we have the pleasure of watching the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers.

The Super Bowl always seems to be much more enjoyable, to the masses, when there is very little talent difference between the two teams.  In my opinion, that is exactly what we have here today.

Both Baltimore and San Francisco feature solid offenses and defenses.  It would be splitting hairs to break down and differentiate between each and every position of the respective clubs.   The edge in special teams would probably go to the Ravens.  That being said, this should be a contest that we all are able to talk about for quite some time.

Although I expect this game to go right down to the wire, I refuse to believe that either team is not capable of blowing the other one out.

Have I confused you yet?  Moving on.

Below I am going to list my predictions for today’s game.  My predictions will range from the winner, points scored, MVP, stats for individual players, big plays, and some fun commercial stuff.  Have fun reading this article and enjoy the game!

I expect each and every one of you to hold me accountable for each and everything that I get wrong.

Thanks in advance for reading.

Longest run from scrimmage:  Bernard Pierce 37 yds

Longest pass play:  61 yds to Torrie Smith

Total Interceptions thrown:  3

Total fumble recoveries that result in turnovers: 1

Joe Flacco:  23/37  298 yds  2 Tds

Colin Kaepernick:  19/31  261 yds 2 Tds  99 yds rushing 1 Td

Ray Rice:  19 carries 63 yds  4 receptions 29 yds (Ahem)

Vontae Leach: 1 carry 1 Td

Bernard Pierce:  11 carries 91 yds 1 Td

Frank Gore:  23 carries 149 yds 1 Td

Torrie Smith: 4 receptions 98 yds 1 Td

Anquan Boldin:  7 receptions 81 yds 1 Td

Dennis Pitta:  4 receptions 51 yds

Michael Crabtree: 4 receptions 68 yds

Randy Moss:  3 receptions 39 yds

Vernon Davis:  8 receptions 119 yds 2 Tds

Ray Lewis: 11 tackles 1 forced fumble

Ed Reed:  4 tackles 2 pass deflections

Cary Williams: 1 INT

CJ Spillman: 1 INT

Carlos Rogers stats:   5 tackles  1 INT

David Akers: 2/3 Misses first attempt from 41 yds but hits game winner.

San Francisco 34   Baltimore 31

MVP: Colin Kaepernick

Number of Manning family mentions (singularly or collectively):  9

Number of Chris Ault mentions: 4

Number of Drew Brees sightings: 4

Number of Deer Antler Spray mentions:  6

Total Anheuser Busch commercials during game:  11

Total Go Daddy commercials during game: 5

Total Doritos commercials during game:  3

Total Number of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend sightings:   ZERO

Total Number of Catfish mentions ( food and/or relating to Manti Te’o’s girlfriend:  4

Number of Beers I’ll drink total today:  ???

Although there are countless predictions that can be made about the actual game action and non-game action, these are the ones that I am throwing out there.

Feel free to leave some game predictions of your own at the bottom.  I’d also entertain the idea of people leaving funny mentions and commercial predictions as well.