NFL Offseason Calendar 2013: Free agency, Draft, Combine and other important dates


October 15, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers fans tailgate in the parking lot prior to the game against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsThe offseason is inching closer minute by minute. Actually, the offseason for San Diego Chargers fans has already started and we are stealing the last ounces of football excitement from other teams in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

After the Super Bowl will be that dreaded offseason, where we hope our team makes some great moves and builds some excitement to the start off the year. We already have made some exciting moves in the coaching staff and now we will have to see how we do with changes to the roster.

Here is how the calendar plays out:

FebruaryFebruary 2: Super Bowl I guess there is some game this Sunday that the world will be watching. Companies pay way too much money to advertise during the day and fans will drink way too much beer and eat way too much food. It is the Super Bowl.

February 20-26: NFL CombineIf we can ride the wave from the Super Bowl for a couple of weeks, we can get ourselves to the Underwear Olympics. We will learn about some players that can run really fast, jump high, turn quick, but may not necessarily know how to play the game of football well. It is a dream for all the ladies to check out the athletes running around in their spandex. If you have short arms, expect your draft value to sink.

MarchMarch 9-11: Teams can negotiate with their own unrestricted free agentsThe Chargers will get their first chance to sign Louis Vazquez and Antoine Cason, if they choose to, before anyone else makes an offer. Vazquez better still be a Charger by the end of this time period.

March 12: NFL Free Agency BeginsA few things happen this day. Teams will need to make qualifying offers to their restricted free agents. The Chargers will have to make their qualifying offer to Danario Alexander by that time. At 4pm Eastern Time is the official start of free agency and we are sure to see some signings happen right off the bat. Somehow it always happens, even though agents and teams aren’t supposed to speak before that time.

AprilApril 25-27: NFL DraftWill we trade? Will we have offensive lineman already signed from free agency? Tom Telesco, this is your time to shine! Make that money!

May, June, JulyFootball-wise, these days really suck! NOTHING WILL BE HAPPENING… But that is why we pay the ridiculous amount of money to live in this beautiful city of ours! I know not all of you live in beautiful San Diego and to you we ask the question, “WHY NOT?”

The beaches will be packed, BBQ will be blazing, you can catch a Padres game. It is awesomeness.

AugustPre-season begins! Maybe we can sell out both home pre-season games this year. Maybe.

SeptemberSeptember 5, 8-9: NFL Opening Kickoff1st down, run the ball up the middle. 2nd down, run the ball up the middle. 3rd down, Philip bail us out!There is a new era of Chargers football!!