Even Jared Gaither Has A “Clean Slate” According to Mike McCoy


June 19, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive tackle Jared Gaither (78) smiles during a drill during minicamp at Charger Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY SportsEven Jared Gaither will have a clean slate with the new coaching staff… Even Jared Gaither.

I finally got my chance to read Kevin Acee’s newest post about Mike McCoy and the breath of fresh air that he is breathing into the organization and one short little paragraph jumped out and punched me in the gut:

Heck, even Jared Gaither has a “clean slate,” according to McCoy. (Now, if Dean Spanos lets the left tackle virtually everyone suspects of fraud back in the building then there really has been a tectonic plate kind of shift in the thinking.)

Can you really just toss history aside that easy? He is uninterested in playing and the rest of the roster saw his work ethic. The rest of the roster won’t easily forgive that. The fans won’t easily forgive that. Philip Rivers won’t easily forgive that.

Now, can McCoy magically get Gaither motivated to get off of the injury report and onto the practice field? Will those “back spasms” and “whole body cramps” suddenly disappear?

If McCoy is going to give him a shot, then he better have a really short leash. It might be worth it to give him a shot, since he will be making his money regardless if he is playing or not.

Another thing that bugs about that paragraph that Acee posted is that portion in the parenthesis. What does he mean ‘if Dean Spanos lets the left tackle back in the building?’ Would Dean Spanos meddle in on the roster decisions? I understand that he is the owner and everything is his responsibility, but he pretty much admitted he has no clue on what he is doing by hiring Ron Wolf for help.

Dean needs to let the new hires do the job that he is paying them to do. Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy were brought over to turn things around and if they believe that Jared Gaither deserves another shot, then I guess Gaither gets another shot. Even if he, the fans and everyone else on the roster doesn’t think it is the right decision.

So Bolt Beaters*, do you think Gaither should get another shot?

*I will post a random post about this in a bit.