The “Fan Side” of Me Regarding Norv Turner & A.J. Smith


Nov 1, 2012; San Diego CA, USA; San Diego Chargers Norv Turner reacts during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Chiefs 31-6. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The writing is on the wall.  In fact, the writing is everywhere.  It reminds me of that moment that we’ve all had, at some point in our lives, when we appreciate the wait at the DMV.

The moment I’m speaking of is that one when you are stuck at the tracks while the longest train in the history of trains continues to delay your advance to your final destination.  It is, of course, covered in graffiti.  This train is decorated in “Norv and A.J. are done in San Diego” spray paint.

It sounds as though Norv’s final destination, as far as being a head coach in the NFL, will certainly be on the eternal unemployment line.

Although there is a zero percent chance that he will ever be a head coach in the NFL again, it has been reported that he would be interested in taking on the offensive coordinator duties for a team that is close to advancing to the NFL’s final destination.

Norv has expressed interest in latching onto a contending team that truly has a chance at winning the Superbowl?

Sounds familiar, to Charger fans, with the exception of a different role on said team.

When Norval came to San Diego, the Chargers had just been ousted from the playoffs after a 14-2 regular season record.  The roster that he inherited was one that any incumbent head coach would absolutely salivate over the chance to become it’s leader.

There is no need for me to regurgitate all that has transpired over the Norv Turner regime.

Despite some promising rosters and seasons, it has now become apparent that, coupled with the performance of A.J. Smith as general manager, the prime years of some of our players have been completely wasted.

Philip Rivers is now 31 years old.  Although he has 4-5 quality years, at least, left in him, where does that leave guys like Gates and Hardwick?

Gates has shown, despite being as healthy as ever, that he has lost a step.  Hardwick, during the offseason, made it clear that he might retire before playing in 2012.

In short, thanks for everything Norv.  Despite doing my best to defend you through the years, you have coached this team into the ground.

But wait.  You’ve done so while under the ironfist of A.J. Smith.  I don’t have a lot to say about A.J.’s tenure as our general manager.  Well, I do, but it is summed up while making a few statements.

You let your ego get in the way of building a successful team.  And that includes the players and the coaching staff.

You wanted a “yes man” as head coach.  In that, you succeeded.  You wanted to prove that every Charger was a Charger one year at a time.  I don’t need to go through the players that left this organization due to the egomania of Smith.

You all know the names that have gone on and proven that they are superstars in this league.

Note: My complaints do not include the handling of Drew Brees.  Everyone, including the Chargers, had a shot to sign Brees.  Miami and New Orleans were the only ones that were considering it.

In conclusion, my thanks to you as well, A.J. Smith.  The train has now been derailed and is still covered in the names of both you and Turner.  It will remain as a reminder that the window for a franchise is short and can be destroyed in a small frame of time.

Oh, what am I thanking them for? NOTHING!

Now as far as you all are concerned as a fan and supporter of BoltBeat?  Thanks a lot for reading!

The time has come for change, my friends.  And that time is now.



P.S.  Go ahead and tell me all the reasons that you have believed in them both.  I did too.  I, most likely, share the same exact thoughts and beliefs.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I stood in “front of the train” for years.”  Now I’ll watch it leave the station rejoicing that it will never return again.