Submit a Question for my Interview with Kevin Acee


Yesterday while I was on Twitter, I noticed a tweet from Kevin Acee, columnist for the San Diego Union Tribune, mentioning that the upcoming game against the Steelers was scheduled to be played in Pittsburgh for the second consecutive time.  The rotation of games for this matchup had originally shown that the game was supposed to be played in San Diego this time around.

Per a change made by Roger Goodell and the league office, the game was switched to be played in Pittsburgh again.  After reading the tweet, I remembered that the same was the case for the contest against the Carolina Panthers.

As some of you might recall, our last game versus the Panthers was at home in San Diego.  The week 14 game against Carolina will also be in America’s Finest city.  That game fell under the new rescheduling as well.  I tweeted this fact in a reply to Acee’s Pittsburgh tweet.

He responded by adding that he was disappointed due to the fact that Bank of America Stadium is the only NFL venue in which he had never attended a game.  Being that I live in Charlotte, approximately 15 minutes from the Carolina stadium, I explained that I was still going to watch the Chargers play the Panthers on December the 16th.  The difference is that I’ll being taking a cross country flight as opposed to making the short car ride to do so.

It then occurred to me that this would be my last trip of the year to SanDiego.

I thought to myself, what would help ensure a more successful visit to Cali than having the opportunity to interview the man himself.

To make a long story short, I asked Acee in a tweet if he would be willing to spend 10 minutes of his time by allowing me to interview him.  Surprisingly enough, he agreed and I will be getting in touch with him when I arrive in San Diego to set up the meeting.

Knowing how important the BoltBeat Family is to the success of this website, I find it more than appropriate to extend an opportunity out to two of our supporters to ask one question a piece that I will include in the interview.

Your support is extremely important to myself and the entire staff here at BoltBeat.  Without you the site would have no importance as I mentioned in an article the day before Thanksgiving.

I encourage all of you to submit a question for Kevin Acee down below in the comment section of this article.  I will choose the two best questions and ask them in the interview.

This is something that I would hope all of you would take seriously and come up with a legitimate question or concern that you would like to have Mr. Acee answer.

I’d like to thank him in advance for this opportunity.  This is something that I’m sure I’ll never forget.

Please put your best foot forward and leave a comment below with your question(s).  Feel free to leave multiple questions.

Thanks a lot for reading.  I am very excited about this and I hope that you are as well.