An Honor and a Privilege: BoogaP to join San Diego Sports Junkies on a Weekly Basis


In an important announcement of sorts, I have recently been added to the San Diego Sports Junkies show as a weekly Chargers contributor. In the past, I have been a repeated call in on the show, as well as a fill in co-host via the telephone on one occasion.

To join the duo of Josh Taylor and Justin Smead is something that I do not, and will not, take for granted. I feel honored and privileged to have even been considered for the role as the show’s Charger contributor.

The show is telecast live every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm pacific time on The show features all things San Diego sports and the fellas have selected me to become a regular member as far as getting out the news about our Bolts.

With the help of producers, Jason Eidesmoe and Mike Randazzo, Josh and Justin have already put together a show that benefits each and every fan that watches the program. Not only do they talk about San Diego sports, they strongly encourage all fans to call in and share their opinions of these sports/teams as well.

In addition to Taylor and Smead sharing an undeniable passion for the teams in San Diego, they also agree that the fans are why they love doing a show such as San Diego Sports Junkies.

The show covers all things Chargers, Padres, and Aztecs.

When thanking Josh for the opportunity, I brought up the fact that it must be difficult to do a show while planning around an unexpected number of calls. Taylor was quick to correct me by saying, ” if the entire show is nothing but call ins on a regular basis, then we are on the right track of making the show what it is intended to be and what we want it to become in the near future.”

The motto of the San Diego Sports Junkies is, “A show for the fans by the fans.” It’s intention is to ensure that no fan’s voice go unheard. In a similar ideal to my Fan Perspective interviews, except on a much larger scale, the premise is based on the yearning to remind the fans that we all matter. We all have varying opinions and the guys on the show want to enable those opinions to be heard live on the show.

I’d like to thank the fellas for the opportunity. I am really excited to be a part of what is already a great program.

If you would like to call in and have your voice heard, please do so every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm pacific time. The phone number is 619-387-3452. If the phone is busy when you call, hang up and keep dialing in to have your opinions heard live by all of the fans that share in your love for San Diego sports.

I will be “skyping” in to do my portion of the show starting this Tuesday. Because the show covers multiple sports and seasons, this is a show that runs all year round.

In another announcement, I will be joining the show live, in San Diego, on Decmeber the 14th for a special Friday production. I am flying out to attend the game against the Carolina Panthers and have been added as an in-house contributor for the 14th.

On the December 14th show, there will opportunities for fans to win numerous prizes just by calling in or submitting questions via Twitter. To submit a question on Twitter, tweet @LBhost with your question. The prizes will include Charger’s player autographed cards, jerseys, etc.

The winners will be chosen at random via call ins and submitted questions.

On behalf of the show, we hope to hear from all of you at some point. Just because you called in one week does not mean that we don’t want to hear from you each and every week.

Thanks a lot for reading.