Morning Dump: San Diego Chargers News Around the Web


The Chargers (4-7) reported nine injuries following their 16-13 loss in overtime to the Ravens (9-2) on Sunday. SS Atari Bigby (groin) was placed on the season ending reserve-injured list Tuesday. This set off a series of moves that will lead to playing time starting this Sunday vs. the Bengals (6-5) for some returning faces and for a few who have yet to contribute.

The San Diego Chargers claimed wide receiver and kick returner Michael Spurlock off waivers from Jacksonville on Wednesday and waived running back Curtis Brinkley.

Spurlock originally signed with the Chargers in April and played in the first four games before being released Oct. 3. Spurlock later signed with Jacksonville, where he remained until being waived Tuesday.

The surging Cincinnati Bengals have climbed back into playoff contention behind impressive efforts on both sides of the ball.

Very little, in contrast, has gone right for the injury-plagued San Diego Chargers, who appear to be falling apart.

I see the Chargers offense in a commercial, walking hand-in-hand with a handsome middle-aged woman, laughing and flirting as they prepare dinner together, then dancing playfully around the living room, and finally lying in a bath tub on the beach.

Ah, if only it were as easy as taking a little pill.

The Chargers conducted a practice light on physicality Wednesday afternoon to keep some of their injured assets involved.

If not, the participation report would’ve looked a lot worse than it does.

Twelve weeks into the season, though, a very different story is emerging. The Cowboys and Chargers are a combined 9-13 with neither team in serious playoff contention, while the Colts and Buccaneers are a combined 13-9 and both have legitimate playoff aspirations. Luck is fourth in QBR, while the Buccaneers are fourth in total points scored. The Chargers are now 16th in points scored and the Cowboys are 18th. This reversal of fortune can certainly not be attributed to any single factor — each team has had its own collection of lucky breaks and unforeseen challenges. However, one common piece of the puzzle for all four teams is the use of the long ball. And this season is showing how important that piece of the offense really is.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Chargers’ roster was widely considered the most talented in the NFL. That is no longer the case; several key players have aged out of their prime, while others have departed via free agency. However, this is still an attractive job. Philip Rivers has made a few horrible decisions this season, but he’s still a capable starting quarterback who is also just 30 years old. With some upgrades to the offensive line and at receiver, Rivers could reclaim a spot among the top 10 signal-callers. The defense has some good young pieces, meanwhile, and the AFC West is home to just one high-level team (the Denver Broncos).