The San Diego Chargers Remaining Schedule


Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

I am over the loss (not really) and am ready to start looking into the rest of the schedule after the BYE week. The boys better saddle up and get things rolling in the right direction.

There are 6 games left on the schedule with teams that have a losing record. There is only one team on the schedule that has a winning record. I would love to feel good about the 6 games against teams with losing records, but our last 2 losses came to teams with losing records!

Here is the remaining schedule and a little analysis:

@ Cleveland (1-5)This game SHOULD be a win. We SHOULD get back on the right track against them despite traveling across the country to play a morning game. Morning games across the country are never easy, but the boys are coming off of a BYE week and SHOULD be prepared.

Kansas City (1-5)Who will be their starting quarterback? It doesn’t matter, they both are terrible and this looks to be another win in the books. We are at home and the NFL Network may snatch up all the tickets to free us from a blackout.

@ Tampa Bay (2-3)It is a trap game! Don’t get caught peeking at the next opponent because the Bucs will come up and bite us. 3 wins in a row heading into Denver, sure looks like a real good possibility.

@ Denver (3-3)Here comes a real tough stretch of games and it starts out against game MELTDOWN. If we want to win the division, we have to win this game! If we lose, start gunning for that wild card spot.

Baltimore (5-1)They are 5-1, but the defense is going to look a lot different from the team that won those first 5 games. Ray Lewis is out and their top corner will be out. How will that team respond? They always seem to respond well to adversity, unlilke another team we know.

Cincinnati (3-3)I am just happy that we get this game at home. It might be a blackout, but it is better than playing against an up and coming team at their house.

@ Pittsburgh (2-3)They have had our number for a while, but there defense is sliding and getting old. That definitely is good news for our offense. Big Ben is still a terror to deal with and they have some really good receivers to add to the mix. It will be TOUGH in their house.

Carolina (1-4)Their offense is tripping all over themselves. They don’t know who to use at runningback and Cam Newton is suffering from that sophomore slump. Have to keep slumping and get these big wins to close out the season.

@New York Jets (3-3)Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. All of these guys have found ways to beat these Chargers. I still don’t think that Jets have a strong team. We need to get that monkey off of our back at some point.

Oakland (1-4)They still are a mess and no way Darren McFadden lasts till the last game of the season. He hasn’t done much this season anyway. At this point in the season, we will be fighting for they playoffs and the Raiders will be wondering where in the top 10 they will land in the draft.

Looking at the schedule, I will predict 7 more wins for the season. That will get us to 10 and should sneak us into the playoffs with at least a wild card spot.

It still is difficult to figure out the identity of our football team though. Will they give Ryan Mathews the ball more? Will Philip step his game up? When will Jared Gaither get hurt again? Will Melvin Ingram be given more playing time? Too many questions that still have not been answered for this team. Find that identity and win these games!