Chargers vs Broncos: Sharing Info With the Enemy


Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, I posted Kim Constantinesco’s, Predominantly Orange, responses to some questions I sent off to her about the Denver Broncos. Here are some questions she sent this way and my responses.

What were your initial thoughts when you first heard Peyton Manning joined the AFC West?


Once we saw that Peyton was joining the division, we knew that the Broncos would be the favorites in the division now. We are ready for the competition and know that it wouldn’t be easy to win the division anymore. We haven’t been able to take the top spot in the last couple of seasons, so we need to step our game up anyway. We have had Peyton’s number, so we had a quiet confidence going up against him.

Former Bronco WR Eddie Royal hasn’t been much of a contributor thus far. Will the Chargers be working him into the offense more as the season goes on?

He had a great summer but was hurt during the preseason. Like Robert Meachem, they are still trying to gain a chemistry with QB Philip Rivers.

During the summer, there was a lot of talk that Royal could be one of the best slot receivers in the league. As the season progresses, he will get more and more trust from Philip and will get more opportunities.

The Chargers have been very opportunistic on defense, creating all kinds of turnovers. What kind of plan do you expect them to come up with to slow the Broncos’ offense?

The same game plan that we have always used on Peyton Manning. We will pressure him and hit him as much as we can. We will try to confuse him pre-snap and send players from all areas.

Since we were embarrassed by the Atlanta Falcons, we have been much more aggressive getting after the quarterback. Expect to see more of that.

What do you think happens to head coach Norv Turner after this season?

Since I expect the team to make the playoffs, I expect that he will be back for next season. Fans will still hate it, but we will always find someone to hate.

The Broncos haven’t won two games in a row against the Chargers in the last six seasons. They won in the last meeting. Give us a prediction for Monday’s game.

Don’t think you guys will get that two wins in a row this time around either. We struggle selling out seats in San Diego, but this game will sell out and the fans will be hyped. You all will be entering a sea of baby blue.

We need this game. It is the game that the team has been looking to for a while. We can take a nice lead on the division early in the season, with three division wins, and we can get some respect around the league.

Chargers have had Peyton’s number and know how to disrupt him. The defense will force some big turnovers and the offense will capitalize.

Chargers 27 – Broncos 20