Should the Bolts place Gaither on I.R.?


December 11, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle Jared Gaither (78) prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Let me start by making something clear…. We all know it’s only week 3 of the regular season that is approaching.  It is early to be considering a “question mark” as a reserve/injured candidate.

But, to me, that is the problem.  The big, huge question mark.  I wrote a while back that the secrecy, coupled with the lack of a timetable for return, has most of the Bolt Nation up in arms.  It’s easy to remain optimistic when zero regular season games have been played.

We’re past that point.  In Turner’s most recent interviews he has seemed annoyed by even the mentioning of Gaither’s name.  Meaning, in addition to the frustration of the fanbase, even the coaching staff is sick of the “Big Lazy situation.”

There’s a good chance that the organization has it’s tail between it’s legs, as far as divulging the truth about Gaither’s injury, while waiting to see how Michael Harris performs.  Although he has received some help in blocking assignments, Harris has looked extremely good for an undrafted free agent.  He, of course, has had a couple rough spots.  But I have seen a lot of promise from him in the past two games.  Is it safe to assume that he will only continue to improve.

So that leads us to this question.  Should the Chargers place Jared Gaither on I.R. in an effort to free up a roster spot?  It is no secret that San Diego could use more depth at both the offensive tackle and cornerback positions.  Despite the fact that there aren’t many marquee names left on the free agent list, at any position, it would be nice to put this whole Gaither mess to bed for this season.

The Chargers have won their first two games of the season.  Kansas City and Oakland have started out at 0-2; now is the time to stay focused.  I think most of the Bolt Family watched Denver fall to our week 3 opponent the Atlanta Falcons.

The Bolts need to do what they can to refrain from distractions that they are capable of evading.  It just so happens that Jared Gaither’s injury is an issue that they can avoid.

I vote that we place him on injured reserve and move on with the anticipation of closely monitoring him during the upcoming offseason.  I am a firm believer in beating “enough is enough” to the punch.

Note to A.J.: Please don’t wait until enough is more than enough.

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