Meltdown: Oakland Raiders Fans Hate Greg Knapp


September 10, 2012; Oakland CA, USA; Recording artist Gene Simmons with an Oakland Raiders fan before the game against the San Diego Chargers at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

I saw a college site make a post like this and figured I would give it a try. So, I trolled through a few Oakland Message Boards to see their reaction to last night’s loss to gather up all their reactions and put it in one place.

Surprisingly, the Raiders Nation was tame from last night on the message boards OR most of them don’t know how to read and write.

There is a lot of hate in Oakland for their offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. Not many people were that pissed off about the long snapper botching all those snaps. I guess he gets a pass since he is the emergency guy. Check out his twitter account though and notice that fans are actually tell him to keep his head up.

Anyway, presenting the reaction:

I seriously cannot get over how identical this offense is to when Knapp was last hereI mean OMMFG..

I look at the score board, 6 pts.. Its the same bull shi.t all over again…

Same exact plays over and over again… CheckCheck down to running back… CheckZone block scheme… Check

Knapp is the offensive answer for Chuck Brensashit

Cannot wait for yet another wasted season thanks to a coach who was already fired once…

What happened to the trickery and deception of last years O. We had at least 2-3 big runs EVERY game last year. This is honestly has me feeling sick.

If we have a similar day in Miami…he has got to go…we don’t have time to be going through this all over again. My football pride can’t handle it.

0-4 start with Knapp and PalmerMiami will kill us in the Heat and it will start snowballing with more injuries we start 0-4-or even 5 with these two at the helm. Might as well put pryor in and use those loses as development time. Fire Knapp and Flat our trade palmer for ant pic we can get

We will not get a win in Miami.. we never do.

Only time in the last couple of years was when we had Culpepper as the QB… such a fluke win.

If we can’t get our running game going…. this year will suck.

It is still early, but the Raiders with Knapp seem to be regressing offensively, just as I feared. I have taken a lot of criticism for calling out the Knapp hire in the off season, however, after this game, my fears seem to have been warranted. McFadden, seems to be struggling running the ball in the ZBS system – as he did before – and no TD’s when it mattered, just a lot of dink and dunks.

Again, it is still early in the season, and Knapp has time to get the Raider offense moving – if he can – but, so far, my fears about adding Knapp seem more justified. Not happy with this hire then and not happy with it now – and not happy about the game.

Come on, dude. You can gloat better than that. I know I can. I held my tongue for the last half of the preseason because I was tired of hearing sh!t about being negative and also because I figured we may as well give him a chance before roasting him. But this was far worse than I’d ever thought possible. Two field goals and a garbage time TD.

We have all the players for an offense that can push the ball down the field and a back who excels in the power running game. But instead we’re playing Knapp’s smallball, which is going to kill McFadden. Speaking of which, McFadden was either targeted or touched the ball 33 times tonight. Dude took a beating.

To be fair, Carson Palmer sucked too because he tried to lean so heavily on DMC. But then again, it was Knapp calling those plays that were designed (and I use that term loosely) to isolate McFadden in order to get him into the secondary. Horrible playcalling, and not a single effective adjustment.

We’ve been set back years because of this. We’ll have to struggle with Knapp all season long, draft players for his sh!tty system in 2013, suffer through another season, fire him, and then bring in a new OC with a new system.

“Miss me yet?”

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