Chargers at Raiders: In Oakland Raiders Territory


Photo: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Time for the weekly post, getting to know this week’s opponent. This time I caught up with Chris Shellcroft of Just Blog Baby to get a little more info on the hated Raiders.

1. What do Oakland fans think of Mark Davis haircut? How do you guys let him walk around with that thing? Yeah, the Lloyd Christmas look is not hot. Problem is you’re talking about a dude with too much money to be told how to rock his lettuce. It’s like if Donald Trump were the son of Al Davis kind of deal.

2. Make a guess on how many games will Darren McFadden play this season? I’m setting the over/under at 12. For my money, I know this is a huge gamble, I’m taking the over and will call my shot at 14. I’m guessing he’ll miss one week as a precautionary measure until they realize how hurt he really is and they shut him down for a second straight week.

3. What are the biggest concerns on the team this year? From an individual standpoint its Carson Palmer. He might not realize it but this is the end. If Palmer can’t solve his turnover problems or at least show some real consistency then he’s done. Reggie McKenzie isn’t going to pay franchise money for Rex Grossman results. Now for the team the biggest problem is depth. McKenzie gutted the roster to get rid of some crazy contracts. Now the problem is he’s stuck between rebuilding and going for the division title since this is the AFC Worst we’re talking about. Injuries or ineffective play will doom this team.

4. Which player do you expect to step up in this game against the Chargers? I’m looking for Taiwan Jones to make an impact. He’s been called the fastest man on the Oakland roster which is saying something. Playing behind Darren McFadden is one of those coveted roles cause you know its only a matter of time until you get plenty of PT. If utilized properly, Jones could be a real weapon. He’s a threat as a runner, receiver and a returner. We’re talking the homeless man’s Darren Sproles here.

5. Which Chargers player are you concerned about the most?Ummm…LaDianian Tomlinson. Seriously, the guy still haunts me. By far the biggest Raider Killer not named the Tuck Rule. I’m just waiting for the moment when Ryan Mathews limps out on crutches. Then, just as I’m going for a sip of my IPA…WHAW! The crowd roars as LT runs onto the filed suited up and ready to play. But if we’re talking what will really happen and not my Tomlinson paranoia…It’s Philip Rivers. Oakland’s secondary is a massive question mark. Nobody knows what to expect at this point. So Rivers is a great test early for this shaky unit early in the season. Rivers was the only QB that never shied away from testing Nnamdi Asomugha so I cringe thinking what he’ll do when he see Ron Bartell on one side of the field and Shawntae Spencer on the other…gulp!