This Just In: Call A Cab!


Tonight the Chargers will play their final game of the 2012 preseason.  Should the Bolts win this last game they will escape the preseason unscathed.  Although an undefeated record at this time of the year means nothing, it is pretty cool for the team to avoid a loss.

But, there are far more important things to avoid at this time of year.  Well, any time of the year would be putting it properly.

D.U.I.s and alcohol related incidents are issues in which the Chargers are no stranger to by any means.  We have been fortunate enough to not have to read about any of our players getting arrested for any reason; much less an alcohol related incident thus far in 2012.

It’s no secret that I enjoy ice cold, refreshing Bud Light.  The people that I hung out with in San Diego would probably be unable to remember a time when I didn’t have one in my hand.  I was on vacation; relax people.  Not to mention, I did not drive at all during my visit to America’s finest city.

Despite my love for beer, I am strongly against drunk driving.  There is absolutely no reason to drive drunk. Period, end.

Some writers would wait to do an article like this after hearing of a player getting arrested for such an offense.  I tend to try and beat such happenings to the punch.

We’ve all read in the comments sections of our favorite Chargers websites about how difficult it is to understand when an NFL player drives drunk.  Lord knows they have a little bit of cash to do the right thing.

“Get a cab you stinking idiot!”  “With all that money hire a private chauffeur even if you’re not drinking!”  “How in the world does a person with that kind of money get arrested for drunk driving?”

These are all commonly used complaints and comments when one of our favorite players make, what can end up being, an unforgiveable mistake.  I need not reference the case of Donte Stallworth.

That all being said, I implore all of the players of our San Diego Chargers, and all people, for that matter, to spend the money to call a cab or even a sober friend that can do the driving.

The fact of the matter is that you aren’t just risking your own life; you are risking the lives of all others on the road as well.  It is clearly not worth it.

I be remissed if I didn’t mention my anger upon hearing that the “Safe Ride” program was disbanded by the league.  The Player’s union was concerned that teams would use the program to “spy” on it’s players.  Meaning that the players felt as though they would be called out for drinking despite the fact that they were making an extremely wise decision.

From this Fan’s perspective, I may disagree with some things that the league decides is in the best interest of “TheShield,” but I couldn’t  disagree more with the decision to drop the Safe Ride program.

So now it is completely on the players to make the right choice.  Here’s to hoping that all players and people can follow through and do the right thing by calling a cab.


I am a little nervous due to the fact that when I did an article about the Chargers ability to avoid the injury bug Mathews was hurt on his first carry of the preaseason.  I must admit that I am a little superstitious.  I hope I didn’t “doom” one of our players into making a “Vincent Jackson-like” decision.  He’s Tampa Bay’s problem now.  Only time will tell.

Thanks a lot for reading.