Inside the Press Box


Saturday, I was blessed with the opportunity to get media credentials for the San Diego Chargers – Dallas Cowboys game. This has been the highlight of my writing experience so far. I have been writing for Bolt Beat for almost 2 years now and this was my first opportunity to see how the pros get things done in the press box.

I make my way up to the press level and am sitting with the San Diego sports media personalities that I have been reading for years: Kevin Acee, Michael Gehlken, Dan McClellan, Marty Caswell and Annie Heilbrunn. I definitely enjoyed the free beverages and food that was served out to us.

As much as I was enjoying the game, I couldn’t help but watch how the pros get their jobs done on game day. They all are sitting on their laptops with twitter in full screen ready to get the latest info out to the public. Detailed stats were printed out for everyone after every quarter.

When Vincent Brown went down with the injury, they replayed the tape on that touchdown multiple times in the press box for us all to see that crushing blow to his ankle. It was NASTY!

Toward the end of the game, everyone started making their way to the locker room and on the field. I had no clue how to make it down there, so I follow some random guy to an elevator and take it down to the field level. Still a lost puppy, I creep behind him through the halls all the way out to the field.

I get out to the field just as the game is ending and all the players are coming my way to get to the locker room. Journalists are racing to get to certain players so that they can get quotes from them after the game, but all I wanted to do was give everyone a high five and a slap on the butt.

I should have headed to the locker room afterward, but wanted to get home at a decent time. I get to the elevator and out comes Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and a mob of other people. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to kneel down to him or what, but I just made room for everyone to walk by.

I make it to my car and start writing up something quick about the game from my phone. Phone died during the game and wish I could have been able to take more pics and share the experience while it was happening. Of course I forgot to bring a phone charger and didn’t have my laptop with me, but next time (hopefully there is a next time) I will not make that mistake.

I would like to thank the San Diego Chargers and the Public Relations staff for giving me the opportunity. Hopefully I will get the chance to do it again.