Bowling with BoltBeat


Let me begin by saying how awesome it is that the season has finally started.  I have now watched the Chargers versus Packers game four times.  There are many good things to take away from that game.  Although it was the first preseason game, I can’t explain how hyped I am about rookies Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes.

But that is not the reason for this article.  This post is about a bowling event that is scheduled for Friday the 17th of August.  I am flying from Charlotte, NC to America’s finest city that day.

A group of ten of us will be joining thousands of others at the August 18th matchup with the Cowboys at Qualcomm stadium.  But the night before the game, Ernie and I will be inviting you fans to join us for a night of bowling.

We will be at Mira Mesa Lanes starting at 9:00p.m. on Friday night.  I spoke to the night manager when making the reservation and he was cool enough to give us four lanes right by the bar.

For those of you that know even a little bit about me, I like to give away Bolts swag.  I have given away quite a bit of merchandise to Bolt Fans all over the world.  Why?  Because I can and I like to do it.  The bowling night will be no different.

High score for the night will receive a brand new Chargers jersey.  I have yet to decide which one.  I will also be giving away Chargers autographed cards for people who roll a turkey or beyond.  There will also be some other small items that will be given away.

If you are interested in joining us send me an email at or you can send me either a tweet or direct message on Twitter, @BoogaP.  Once I hear from you I will reply back with my phone number so you are able to get a hold of me while I’m in San Diego.  Of course, most of you already know it.

This should be a really good time and I hope to see you there.  All four lanes are right next to each other and are reserved for two hours.  We’ll be running five people per lane.  There are still 14 spots open.

This is a great opportunity to get to meet a bunch of other diehard BoltFamily members.  When Ernie brought me on board to write for, one of my goals was to unite as many Bolt diehards as possible.  Hence the game ticket giveaway, bowling night, etc.  I plan on meeting as many of you as possible while I’m there for the weekend.

Hope to see you there!