…And STAY OUT Kyle Boller!


Kyle Boller must have seen The Greg One coming. Last week, when it was announced that washed up quarterback Kyle Boller had signed on with our beloved Chargers, The Greg One took pen in hand and was ready to lay out Boller like so many defensive linemen have done in the past. A hybrid Seau, Merriman and Billy Ray Smith, ready to come blasting through the O-line and flatten Boller. Unlike most of his career, Boller must have seen this blitz coming, for he retired the next day.

Chargers brass has been making big waves this summer with very few missteps. Even contemplating bringing in Kyle Boller was a misstep. Giving him a contract was a greater misstep. Kyle Boller, for all his early hype as a first round pick in 2003, fizzled out faster than Akili Smith. Faster than Tim Couch. Faster than Danny Wuerffel. The only reason Kyle Boller lasted as long as he did was because in Baltimore the defense did all the work and all he had to do was hand off the ball and throw on third down. Occasionally.

You could go to a Golds Gym and pick three guys on ellipticals who would would all be better quarterbacks than Kyle Boller. You know why the Chargers never needed Kyle Boller, even in training camp? In nine seasons Boller threw more interceptions than touchdowns in SIX. Boller’s career high in passing yards is 2559. Philip Rivers has that by week ten! After getting dumped by the Ravens, Boller couldn’t make it with the Rams. The most stinging indictment is after getting the boot from the Rams after one season Boller spent his last two seasons with the Raiders and couldn’t make their starting lineup! With the garbage the Raiders have been rolling out at the quarterback position, if you can’t make it there you can’t make it anywhere. Kyle Boller can’t make a Happy Meal if you spotted him the Chicken Nuggets AND the fries. Getting brought in as a training camp quarterback in San Diego was a promotion!

Sadly, (not really) Mr. Boller is limping off into the sunset to be remembered by no one. Its going to take a few weeks to get the smell of loser and Raider

(don’t think there’s a difference)

out of the locker room. AJ Smith, The Greg One and Charger Nation will give you a mulligan on this move. Even if he was brought in as a crash test dummy for new blitz packages, we didn’t need his brand of awful filtering down to the rest of the team. Boller did us a favor by retiring, YOU could have done irreparable harm by offering that dodo a real money contract. Don’t let it happen again.

Anyone out there disappointed Kyle Boller is gone?