Where does your Bolt Flag fly?


Dec 18, 2011; San Diego, CA, USA; A San Diego Chargers flag blows in the wind before the start of a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

I am currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I haven’t lived in San Diego since my younger sister was born.

Well, she’s only 16 months younger than me.  Meaning that I haven’t been there for thirty years.

I received a direct message a while ago from @djmkid saying that she had what she believed to be a great idea for an article.  Although I agreed with her, I have been extremely busy since receiving that message and have yet to do the article.

That leads us to this very day.  And, although it wasn’t planned for this reason, something happened that made it ever so perfect to do this article tonight.

While on Twitter, I noticed a very true Charger fan that does not live in San Diego defending his opinion, and many facts for that matter, against a complete d-bag that does live in San Diego and claims to be a fan.

Living in San Diego does not make you a Charger Fan.  Although, if you live in San Diego and you’re not a Charger Fan…… how dare you!

The Bolt Family is spread out far and wide across the U.S. and the world as well.  If you don’t believe me, go back and read some of my Fan Perspective articles.

When ignorant people start to act like you are unable to be a fan of the Chargers due to the fact that you don’t live in San Diego, they are earning said title of ignorant.

For those that are completely unaware, the people of Australia, England, Ireland, etc., have an extremely difficult time supporting the Chargers.  Not in showing their love for the Bolts, but due to limited ability to even see highlights of them.


Yes, I meant for the caps and I apologize for raising my voice.

And I sincerely mean “my” team.  I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the Chargers.  I have spent years and years bleeding blue and gold.

Watch your mouth when you think you can attempt to call out another true fan because of where they live.  I am not the only one.  We are EVERYWHERE!

Ahem…… So, thanks for listening.  I would kindly ask that you list your city and state to show where you are repping the Chargers from at this time.

I don’t care if you live on the moon.  I’ll be able to tell if you love and care about the Chargers.

I wish the same could be said for some “fans.”

Thanks a lot for reading.  Please leave a comment showing where you are at representing the Bolts!



P.S. My boy @CharlieMack29 held it down while being put down by pseudo fan @AirMaxSk on Twitter.  And for that, I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of all of the true fans of the Chargers……. Thank you very much sir!

P.P.S. Please check out the #sandiegosportsjunkies @pmlbsports.com. Ohhhh, about right NOW!