Honorary Charger #3, Manny Pacquiao


Another week has passed which means it is time for The Greg One’s Honorary Charger induction. This week’s salute to awesome goes to the greatest boxer on the planet, Manny Pacquiao. Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather, the so-called best boxer in the game, the undefeated Mayweather wants NOTHING to do with Pacquiao. There’s a reason for that. As Drago told Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, ‘You will lose.’ The fact Mayweather won’t fight Pacquiao is a tribute to Pacquiao’s greatness. Mayweather is 42-0 and hides behind words instead of taking on the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Let’s face it. Boxing is on life support and Pacquiao is supplying the faint heartbeat keeping it alive. How dominant has Pacquiao been? After years of dismantling every opponent he’s faced he finally found one opponent he couldn’t beat. The mob. Anybody who saw the Timothy Bradley fight, more importantly, anybody who PAID to see the Timothy Bradley fight on pay-per-view should vow never to watch another fight ever again. Pacquiao easily won the fight by a landslide but somehow the judges call Bradley the winner. We all knew boxing is corrupt and we all suspect some form of match fixing but this fight proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. In trying to create a new rivalry the crime syndicate that rules boxing decided to fleece Pacquiao of his win, hoping to create another big pay-per-view payday with the rematch. What suspense is there? Pacquiao dominated the first fight. He’ll dominate the second fight also. Maybe this time they’ll give him the win so they can create a trilogy fight. Did I give away the game plan?? Oh damn….my bad.

To hell with boxing. Boxing is about as popular as women’s basketball right now if that. Give me MMA every day of the week. Want to fix boxing? Fire all the promoters and hire Dana White to run it! Dana would trash all the alphabet soup titles, install one per weight class and Pacquiao and Mayweather would be fighting the day after Mayweather gets out of the slammer! Maybe then The Greg One will watch. So here’s to you Manny Pacquiao. Manny goes about his business and wrecks every opponent put in front of him. He’s an elected official of the House of Representatives for the Phillipines. At 54-4-2 he was declared Fighter of the decade for the 2000’s. Master Sergeant in the Phillipine Army. Actor. Karaoke lover. Manny Pacquiao breathes awesomeness. It would have been easy to go nuclear after getting the shaft in the Bradley fight but Manny kept it classy and did not have a bad word to say about Bradley and he has kept it classy in the weeks after the fight. At 5’6 he’s not the biggest dog in the fight but the fight in this dog is bigger and better than them all. Welcome to the family, Manny.

Quick post script to this story: After a video review by a board of five reknown international judges, Pacquiao was rightly declared the victor in the landslide form we all saw ourselves 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. However, Pacquiao doesn’t get his WBO title back or the loss changed to a win in the record book. The WBO board can only AUTHORIZE a rematch and not overturn the result of the fight. WTF??

What do you think Bolt Beat? A worthy addition?